The Ghost Walkers Take on Blackrock Spire

As a wild idea (of which I have many) I set an all Death Knight guild event to get the Jenkins Title. Why? Well pretty much just to get us all together while getting us out of the grind. I’m a big fan of doing something different every once in a while. So we all […]

New to WotLK: The Group or How Not to be ‘That Guy’

Now keep in mind that WoW is not a first person shooter game, and it isn’t a game where you only interact with or work with NPC’s. WoW is a game where you regularly interact with actual people. I know, scary isn’t it? Ok, maybe that’s just me. So here’s the deal, to kind of […]

Update: One Shaman at 41 the Second Close Behind

So yeah Enecreep is 41 and Elecreep is like 94% of the way to 41. I stopped a little early hoping to get to bed before 10… wait 11… yeah that’s it. I know not fooling anyone. Not exactly flying through the levels like I’d hoped, but at least I have a quest in Ulduman […]

The Shammy Twins Hit 40 and Aftermath Prepares for … Gnome Raiding?

Yeppers… level 40 means Mail! Finally a chance to wear some armor that can take a few more dings. I love that. While I’m not leveling quite as fast as I’d like to this weekend, I’m also feeling like ass warmed over due to a lovely head cold I’ve been fighting all week. I give […]

Shammy Twins take on Uldaman…

So I’ve been pretty leery instancing with the twins. I mean yeah trying to run through and instance with a second toon in tow is ‘challenging’ at best. At worst it just makes you look like a super mondo idiot. Safe to say I really don’t need any more help in this department, I’ve already […]

One More Macro Note…

Okee dokee, so I wanted to make a note of this before I konked out for the night. So ever see those macros that have the player’s name in them? I have and I love them. So I was wondering just how to get those into the macro. Fortunately I was talking to a guild […]

WoW Macros and Dual Boxing

Okee Dokee so as promised here’s a little work up of my Dual Boxing experience so far and the Macros I’m using to make it happen. First off, the pic to the left here is my set up. I went with a dual hardware approach. Evidently you can run two WoW accounts on the same […]

Coming Up: Shaman Update and Some Macro Goodness

I wanted to write a post this evening, but I've been a little side tracked as of late. I've had to set up some macros to help me manage the Shammy Twins and I figure I should post them here so that I can remember what they were when I have to blow out my […]

Shaman Update: the Twins hit 30

Finally! Ok well they actually hit 30 last night as I ran behind Blackluna (a Death Knight in and Talta, while dodging baddies in the Scarlet Monastery. I’ve had a little practice in this arena now so I’m getting the hang of it. The twins have also completed and received their Air Totem (where the […]