WoW Update: Free Weekend Fun

Getting G’Hanir WoW Legion Content While EvE has it’s Halloween event still going strong for a few more days, all of us are hanging out in other games. Since WoW is currently offering a Welcome Back Weekend, I convinced Vinny to log in and help me out with some quests. He may or may not […]

WoW Tracking One More Down

Just quickly noting that one more achievement is knocked off the list to get my Legion Druid Flight form. Just 7 more to go.

WoW Setting A Goal

At the moment I have only been playing WoW once  a week with friends and family. Lately I’ve been logging in once a day to do some basic dailies just to get some spare gold and XP.  Since recent changes however I’ve decided that I want to unlock the druid flight form. Mostly to carry […]

What To Play Now?

So yeah. What to play now? Elder Scrolls Online Despite my lack of blog content, I have been playing ESO on and off again since at least a year before Summerset hit. Even as the slacker I am, I managed to accomplish quite a bit in the few years I played ESO. I know, I […]

WoW: Dungeon Leveling Ding 60

The Dwarven Trio has finally hit 60. So far the Protection Paladin, Frost Mage, and Restoration Shaman team is still going strong. Here’s the current stats on our 3 person guild: Achievement Points 220 Guild Classic Dungeon Master 51% to level 3 It’d be cool to get in the classic raids, but at our current […]

World of Warcraft – Dungeon Finder Leveling

These days I’m back in WoW. I started playing again to run around with Moms. Honestly I’m actually enjoying myself. For folks just catching onto this blog, I’ve played WoW with my Mom off and on for years. She plays a Mage and I run behind her with anything that has a rez, usually laughing […]

Where Creep’s At – Steam and World of Warcraft

Well I’m taking a break from Fallen Earth. The latest content drop, a PvP zone, while totally necessary for the game, doesn’t really do much for me. So I’m keeping an eye on Fallen Earth and I might get back there once in a while to see what’s new. Like the saying goes though, no […]

A Little Fallen Earth A Little World of Warcraft

Figured I’d put up a little post on what I’m up to. I’m still spending most of my game time in Fallen Earth. That’s not going to change (even changed out for a year sub). Thing is I also picked up WoW again to run around with Moms. Yes I play World of Warcraft with […]

Gamer Documentary “The Raid” from Gamebreaker.TV

Here’s a documentary on raiding. While it specifically covers World of Warcraft, it wouldn’t surprise me that what actually makes up a raid group is going to be the same across raid based games. What I like about this documentary is that it goes into psychological and anthropological studies on what it is to be […]

Quick Note on Progress

My little Hunter is now Level 37 and has 6 pets (4 of which are stabled of course). So far I’ve run through Azshara, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, and the Southern Barrens. Keep in mind this is all in one week, and I’ve been working on professions and some auction house stuff on the side. The […]