I logged back into Black Desert Online yesterday to try the Witch Awakening and I love it. Now I have to decide if I want to add BDO back to the list of games I want to play. I just finished the Season in Diablo III with CrankyB and that was a blast. We’re playing Neocron 2 […]

BDO: When it All Comes Together

At the moment things are coming together in BDO. Well aside from the fact that I really need to put some more levels on the Witch, but I’ll get to it. She’s sitting at 51 and I’m working on getting her geared up. At the moment she has pretty much what she needs, I just […]

BDO: Witch Please

As for the title, my guild has started using a new phrase: “Witch please.” I’m totally stealing that! As for BDO in general, yep I’m still playing it. This controversial hidden gem is actually quite a bit of fun (and a lot more fun once you join a guild and ignore channel chat). The hacking […]