WildStar: Bot Busting Addons

Are you seeing randomly teleporting bots stealing your nodes? Do they zoom away too fast for you to catch a name to report? Well how about downloading some great addons that will help you bust those bots! Both of these addons are available for download through Curse. So if you want to bust some bots, […]

WildStar: FEEL THE STRAIN Patch Notes Up

The Strain Ultradrop Patch is now live! Check out this massive patch drop (hence the huge downtime). Posted by BigV: Highlights Blighthaven – Hello level 50 players, and welcome to Blighthaven! The door to further adventure and excitement has been kicked the !@#$ down. Shimmering, golden death? It lurks around every corner. The water? It […]

WildStar: Cougar Lays it All Out for an AFK’r

So an AFK botter decided to try to work some magic to get a banned account unbanned. The player went through the normal channels and wasn’t getting feedback, so it was time to hit the forums. Check out this post by Cougar. Cougar: I’m assuming that with your posting here that you don’t mind us […]

WildStar: Changing the Gold or Bust Mentality

This is something that’s been quite a big deal for the raiding set, especially people that are looking to PUG. The ‘must finish gold’ mentality was driven by not only loot but the need to complete the Veteran dungeons on gold to attune the Genesis Key. Here’s the post by 7ofswords: Greetings Nexians! Based on […]

WildStar: PTR and Latest Patch Notes Up

I spent some time on the PTR today checking out the new zones. I’m liking some of the class skill changes and I’m hoping they’ll stick. The new content is pretty fun and keeps the but kicking combat along with the side splitting humor. I’m not going to post the PTR changes here but if […]

WildStar: Play the PTR and Earn Boom Boxes

Do you want to check out the new content? Do you currently have a level 50 character on any live server? Well Carbine wants to tempt you with live server Boom Boxes as a bonus of doing some hands on testing of the new Strain content! Posted by Raijinn: Boom boxes go BOOM! We need […]

WildStar: New Housing Plots, Dyes, Mounts and More

So guys and Gals, the latest info on the Strain Uldtradrop covers the sweet, sweet loot you’ll be able to get your hands on when you delve into the new Strain Ultradrop content slated for release the beginning of next month. Ready for a teensy bit of hype? Well head on over to the Strain […]

WildStar: Update Notes – BUILD 6745.4: 6/26/2014

Scheduled downtime today included a patch with the few changes found below. Posted by: Delakron Fixed an issue where quest spells were not showing up on the Quest Tracker as they were intended. Fixed an issue that prevented vendor’s “Repair All” button from working. Fixed a bug that was causing Stalker’s “Last Stand” to trigger […]