Blog Blarg: Oops…

Heh, I kind of forgot to mention that this new blog format does have a funky system for comments, but that’s part of the reason I made the switch. So when folks comment for the first time (or at least what the blog thinks is the first time) it holds the comment for moderation. This […]

Back in Business

The blog is back up and running. It took a bit to get everything up and running, but meh it’s done. There’s still some things I have to get back up, and they’re coming. Aside from that I’m hoping to get some posting in.

On Blogging: Filtering Comment Spam

I like using my current blogging platform because, well, the little coding experience I have is mostly in the .net coding languages. Lately though I’ve been seeing a bunch of comments on my old posts that are really just folks posting “comments” to try to get free link backs to their websites. Here’s the […]

Goodby Jack?

Skeleton Jack is leaving WoW. I mean while I don't want to believe it, I can. If you're a determined person, WoW can get pretty overwhelming. His blog was always entertaining and informative, even the posts I got a chance to help out on. I really hope that things work out for him and that […]

Blogging, the Maddening Hobby

So today I saw there were some updates to (which is the underlying blog publishing engine of Creeping… here) so I decided, hey, let's load 'em up. And I blew out my blog… AGAIN… I really need to stop experimenting with my blog. It really just ends up costing me a whole bunch of […]

Pulling Out of a Leveling Slump and Loving the XFire in Game Browser

Ok so I’ll admit it. I haven’t posted any updates about my Shammy twins because well, there hasn’t been a lot of progress made on my Shammy twins. I’ve been feeling ill all week and instead of being a big grump to my guildies I’ve been taking a little time off from leveling and away […]

Getting my Tweet On?

So yeah I’ve finally set up a Twitter account and even set up a widget for it in the side bar of my blog here. I’ve been avoiding it because well, I just don’t use text messages. I probably should but meh. Regardless at least this way I can post random crap over the course […]

Blog Blaarg: Analyzing the Blogshpere with BlogScope?

I was checking out my Feedburner stats (via the Feedburner dashboard), and I noticed that my blog's feed was getting pings from as site called BlogScope. Well I checked it out and evidently it's a project by the Computer Science department of the University of Toronto (Canada). It scans web blogs and anylizes the post […]

Blog Blaarg: Making a few changes

Ok, so hopefully you haven’t noticed that I’ve moved my blog. It really only moved from a folder into the main site. I had originally intended to do more work at the main site, but it’s about time that I let go some of the things I’d like to do to the miriad of things […]