FreeRealms Blogger up and Rolling… One Tired Creep!

So I finished up my latest project FreeRealms Blogger (Link). I went with WordPress for this one as my hosting provider actually supports WordPress under this new scheme. Feel free to stop by and check it out. I'll be adding posts here off and on when things I want to talk about just don't fit […]

Web Browsers: How the Browser Wars Can Keep you a Little Safer

But Creep, why only a ‘Little Safer’? Ok, well I’m NOT a computer security expert so I’m not going to discuss ways to make your system hacker proof. If I was working in that sector I’d have zero time for WoW or blogging*. Since however there’s been a lot of buzz in the WoW community […]


So this morning I decided to check whether or not I’d receive notifications when folks comment and also make sure that the Contact form is working. Safe to say, it wasn’t. Poop. So I spent some time pulling hair and tweaking code before work today. Yeah, that didn’t work AT ALL. I usually prefer creating […]