Gamer Documentary “The Raid” from Gamebreaker.TV

Here’s a documentary on raiding. While it specifically covers World of Warcraft, it wouldn’t surprise me that what actually makes up a raid group is going to be the same across raid based games. What I like about this documentary is that it goes into psychological and anthropological studies on what it is to be […]

Funny Off Topic – List of Some Awesome “The Guild” One Liners

Over at Mutant Reviewers from Hell, Justin reviews “The Guild” seasons 1 & 2 (link). They pretty much cracked me up to no end. Though personally I’m not sure if either Tink or Clara are my favorite gals on the show. Yes I know everyone loves Codex, but come on, I’m a gal, that doesn’t […]

Night Off Watching Movies – A Girl Named Tex

Well I didn’t log into Fallen Earth last night. Not because I don’t want to play Fallen Earth, but because I didn’t want to play anything. I didn’t really want to do anything. I’d needed a night to slack off and decompress. Life has been… interesting… lately. Last night was no exception. So instead of […]

Video Ponderings

The thing is I got into playing games in the first place as a chance to make videos. So far I have figured out how to use video capture tools, e-motes, all that stuff. My machine is even pretty well set up for recording and processing video snippets. Sure it’s not a top of the […]

Halloween Free Realms Style

I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday of the year. It looks like Free Realms players and developers feel the same way. Check out this video I found earlier today. (ps This isn’t a video of my own creation, I just think it’s hilarious).

Death Knight to Music

I finally picked up making music again. Here’s some of my first stuff. Oh and I used some of the gigs of footage I shot of Geistig running around Northrend. Woot finally getting one step closer to actual music production.

Finally Got the Music Software Set Up

Ok so after a lot of dinking around including changing out my sound card, I finally got my music software to cooperate. I have some pretty 80's sounding softsynths so far so I can make some really funky sounds. Now I just have to remind myself that I'm trying to make music, not just goof […]