WildStar: New Housing Plots, Dyes, Mounts and More

So guys and Gals, the latest info on the Strain Uldtradrop covers the sweet, sweet loot you’ll be able to get your hands on when you delve into the new Strain Ultradrop content slated for release the beginning of next month. Ready for a teensy bit of hype? Well head on over to the Strain […]

WildStar: Expert Crafting and Why it Kicks Butt

OK so I know a lot of people aren’t crafting in WildStar because let’s face it, it’s incredibly expensive and hey shiny mount anyone? Thing is though Armor crafting can help you get gear that helps you maximize your DPS or Support power. By letting you slap on the right stats for your class.  You […]

Wildstar: Pre Launch planning and a little level budgeting

I managed to get some Wildstar time in today and finally pushed one toon up to level 14. Sadly, it was on the Exile side. It was worth slumming it for a bit though since I got the chance to see a lot more Spellslinger skills and I was able to get answers to some […]

IGN Biggest Upcoming MMO’s – The Repopulation Listed

IGN has a list of the currently hyped MMO’s folks are waiting for. The list includes highly anticpated MMO’s such as Wildstar, Elder Scrolls Online, and EverQuest Next. The Repopulation also gets a mention. Pretty exiting stuff for an Indy MMO. Check out the article here.

Music to Game To

Every game has music and in some games the music is better than others. No matter what the music is like in the game, I still like playing some of my own tunes on occasion. Especially when grinding out levels in MMO’s. It’s funny how now I actually associate some songs with games. I can […]

BAM! Taking Minecraft Survival Mode Up a Notch

Everyone loves to get a little Minecraft in now and again. For some folks though once you get a handle on the game mechanics Minecraft in Survival Mode can become a little too easy. Well that is once you get yourself established. To solve that problem, one of my Fallen Earth buddies has come up […]

The Repopulation Bestiary Update

A little more information was released yesterday with an update to The Repopulation Bestiary. These 7 critters will be making Rhyldan their home and will be the wildlife players can expect to run around with when they log into the game. For more information on The Repopulation, check out their webpage. http://www.therepopulation.com    

The Repopulation Social and Other News

The Repopulation has re-vamped their website. The new website design includes a social media outlet for folks getting hyped over The Repopulation. It’s a great way for folks to connect outside of the game. It includes personal updates as well as starting up groups so clans or just groups of friends can get together and […]