The Repopulation on Massively

The Repopulation spent the weekend at PAX and there are two articles up on Massively discussing their run in with the game. Check it out: August Updates Event Systems PAX Prime 2013: The Repopulation Hunkers Down for a Siege I did get a chance to play around in The Repopulation on Ct Prophet on Friday […]

The Repopulation: Siege Demo Planned for PAX Prime

Curious about The Repopulation’s siege mechanics? Sure we all are! Well the good news is the guys are planning to demonstrate Siege warfare thanks to the cooperation of player guilds. The announcement states that there will be some streaming from PAX and a video available after the event. Personally I can’t wait to see how […]

The Repopulation – Player Housing System

The future players of The Repopulation answered at least one if not two recent polls showing that they REALLY wanted to know more about the in game housing system. Out of all the game features listed, Player Housing came out on top. It looks like this is the feature that future players are really passionate […]

The Repopulation: End of November 2012 Update

Are you looking forward to the upcoming MMORPG The Repopulation? Haven’t heard of it? Well good news, here’s a quick overview before I give you the down low on the latest Alpha phase updates. The Repopulation is a sci-fi MMORPG that is in the Alpha testing phase as we speak. The team hopes to have […]