What a Night!

Ok I had one heck of a night, Unfortunately I’m stone tired so I’ll post all about it in the morning. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. -Creep

Where It’s At

Aaaaaaahhh! Sorry, that’s just where I’m at right now. Unfortunately I’ve had an extra project at work the coincided with a whole bunch of other projects that I have to do for work. Last night I pretty much just went home and passed out. Hopefully things will get back to normal and I can get […]

Awake for a Quake

Last night was another insomnia fest for me. For the most part I just chalk it up to creativity and usually when I can't get to sleep I doodle or I play WoW until I pass out in the middle of a drawing or my keyboard. This morning, after having a pretty involved conversation and […]

Blog Blaarg: Analyzing the Blogshpere with BlogScope?

I was checking out my Feedburner stats (via the Feedburner dashboard), and I noticed that my blog's feed was getting pings from as site called BlogScope. Well I checked it out and evidently it's a project by the Computer Science department of the University of Toronto (Canada). It scans web blogs and anylizes the post […]

Blog Blaarg: Making a few changes

Ok, so hopefully you haven’t noticed that I’ve moved my blog. It really only moved from a folder into the main site. I had originally intended to do more work at the main site, but it’s about time that I let go some of the things I’d like to do to the miriad of things […]

Creep Gets Tagged?

So I need to thank Faradhim of Doctors of Philosophy (post Link) and Psychonia of My Life as a Cartoon (post Link) for posting about well my little blog thing here. In fact Faradhim posted the first comment to my blog, back during the long queue times just after the release of WOTLK. So in […]

Web Browsers: How the Browser Wars Can Keep you a Little Safer

But Creep, why only a ‘Little Safer’? Ok, well I’m NOT a computer security expert so I’m not going to discuss ways to make your system hacker proof. If I was working in that sector I’d have zero time for WoW or blogging*. Since however there’s been a lot of buzz in the WoW community […]

Blog Blaarg Part Deux (2): Comments Back Online, Creep Sheepish

see more pwn and owned pictures You know, I’ve always thought that a picture is worth a thousand words. And OH this is one of those times. So in my dabbling ignorance I started tweaking with the BlogEngine.Net App_Code & User Controls folders. I’ll have to figure out just what exactly I did, but safe […]

Blog Blaarg: Comments Temporarily Disabled, Creep Strikes Again

So yeppers, I’ve been dinking around with my site working on readability and so on. Somehow I managed to break my comments. I’m working on repairing that, but I’ve disabled it for now until I’ve got everything squared away. In the mean time feel free to use the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the […]

Site Changes and Blogging Resources

OK so I did a little research on, well, blogging. It’s something that I’m doing so I should probably have a clue right? (Insert ‘Ooops’ here). So blogging is nothing new. I’m sure that even a lot of my readers either have blogs or have tried their hand at the task once or twice. It’s […]