LotRO: Working Towards 35 and Getting a House

So in LotRO you're eligible for picking up your mount at level 35 (well level 35 and plopping down 4 gold and 220 silver or thereabouts). I'm pretty excited about getting my mount really. I participated in the Summer Festival fishing quests and ended up with enough festival coins to pick up a festival horse. […]

LotRO: Rune-Keeper Update Ding 29 & Artisan Metalsmith

I’m very excited. I’m almost halfway to the level cap! I can already start working on Return to Rivendell by killing 150 Orc. Sad part is that shouldn’t be too terribly tough since they’re friggin everywhere. Now Artisan Metalsmith… *sheesh*! Metalsmith is a pain to level. I’ve been mostly making tools for the Auction House. […]

Ding 20 Rune-Keeper, In a Guild and Losing my Slacker Cred

Woo Hoo! Level 20! OK so I still don't have a house and I'm 15 levels away from a mount, but hey, I'm having a blast and I feel like I'm leveling pretty fast. Well faster than I thought I'd level. I blame my game buddy really. I wasn't planning on hitting 20 this weekend, […]

Back to Rune-Keeper

So on a quick note I logged on to Geistig the Rune-Keeper this evening instead of going strait to my Minstrel. So really, I don't know when I'll log back on to the Minstrel except to play around with the music features, and to maybe level her high enough to play the bagpipes. I want […]