BDO: When it All Comes Together

At the moment things are coming together in BDO. Well aside from the fact that I really need to put some more levels on the Witch, but I’ll get to it. She’s sitting at 51 and I’m working on getting her geared up. At the moment she has pretty much what she needs, I just […]

BDO-RP: Characters, Backstory, and the Character Creator

My witch has gone through a physical overhaul. Mostly to suit my own madness but also to set her up with a physical presence that can sync with a plausible back story. RP can be a pain in the ass because you’re not only pretending to be someone else, but at the same time you’re […]

BDO – Strat Story 1: Wednesday Morning

Here’s a little something that I want to start up tracking stories for my character, a blue eyed and blue haired elf that goes by the name Strat. Strat’s story currently revolves around an Inn in Epheria (in Black Desert Online) where her penchant for rum lead her to an interesting group of people and […]