February 2 2009

Rogue Update: Hitting Level 60 and Lock Picking 300

Finally! Hehe, yeah Auslander hit 60 last night and I’m really happy about it. It’s one of those wow, this character has really grown up sort of milestones.

60 was the original level cap back before either expansion to WoW. It’s still kind of special in my eyes. It’s not just a time when the character is able to get a flying mount, but it also means that they’re really starting to show some of the power that their class has to offer.

For Auslander, that power is just how quickly she destroys things. That’s something that you just have to love.

Rogues also have the ability to pick locks. With each level they’re able to push that skill higher and higher. After hitting 60, Auslander could push her lock picking ability to 300. The trainer sent me to Tyr’s Hand out in the Eastern Plaguelands. A pretty funky place. Now the trick here is that it’s not the chests that spawn randomly that actually help you boost lock picking, nope, it’s the junk boxes that you pick pocket off of the Scarlet Crusaders that really help boost your lock picking skill. Not to mention the fact that only one or two of them held only coppers in their pockets. Evidently fanaticism is a lucrative line of employment. >.<

But I digress. I also snuck through Tyr’s Hand and out the other side. Know what’s out there? It’s the Death Knight noob land. It’s a totally empty ruin. I mean totally empty. I’ve explored a lot of places in WoW, but this is one of the few places where not only are there no mobs to bother you, but, there’s no one else either.

I’ll probably spend more time here when I feel like I need to get away for a bit and feel the need to do some more exploring. I really only made it through the mobs in Tyr’s Hand via my Rogue Stealth ability. Really this is what makes Rogues the coolest class in the game. I’m able to hit stealth, an pretty much, go anywhere I want to go.

Well, except for Orgimmar, found that out the hard way hehe, oh well, I’ll just have to wait until I hit 80 to try that one again. I’ll have to remember to pack my fishing pole.

The only real downside to the evening was that I just missed a friend when I logged over to my bank alt. Guess that’s what I get for not checking my friends list before logging over. Too funny…

Well later folks

February 1 2009

Rogue Update: Hitting 58 and Lending a Helping Hand

Yeah I know it’s taking me FOREVER to get anywhere, but a lot of that has to do with stopping off to help others or just to have a good time. I know that supposedly the game doesn’t start until 80 and I should just race to the end game and have all of my fun there. Heh, that’s just not how I play WoW.

So how was this weekend? hehe, it was awesome. I participated in a tabard only run through Orgrimmar to the elder with 4 other guild mates and then ran through Rage Fire Chasm.

Safe to say that was a blast. Yeah it took forever to get to the Elder for me and one of the other member that have fewer hit points, but it was still just plain fun.

I also picked up the ‘Going Down’ achievement in Winterfall. I was dared to jump off the top by my Warlock friend Itsmemario (great name for a gnome Warlock, hehe).

So while I didn’t really get as far as I wanted to this weekend with Auslander, I have to say that the work I put into getting Teufeltanz ready for ‘Lowbie Nights’ paid off.

Now the only problem is that ‘Lowbie Nights’ may have worked too well. Now the officers are concerned that perhaps the lower level folks will end up asking the level 80’s for help every 5 minutes. Oy, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

This whole thing started because the level 80 folks were off getting ready to start end game raiding and those of us that hadn’t hit 80 yet were still working our butts off just to get up to 80.

So yeah this is just what happens when folks hit 80, this is where their focus goes and it’s not like it’s a walk in the park to get set up for end game raiding. That’s why I set up Teufeltanz to help out with ‘Lowbie Night’ and also why I’m doing that with an alt. Some 80’s however helped me out with ‘Lowbie Nights’ and so the concern lingers. There’s some folks in the guild that have friends who are level 80 and are pushing those friends to give them a hand. Seriously, if these are the level 80’s that are whining about this stuff, then perhaps, and just perhaps, these level 80s need a little assertiveness to go with all that stamina and just say no to their buddies instead of hoping that an officer will step in for them.

Saur pointed out that it’s funny that I rolled a Rogue, since I’m always trying to help other people out. Usually I end up rolling toons like Rogues or Warlocks when I’m just friggin’ tired of helping other people out and sacrificing personal progress to boot. I guess I just get so tired of helping folks out. I’d like to have ONE level 80 toon. /sigh, there’s just no friggin’ way I’m re-rolling EVER AGAIN. I’m so sick of leveling that I seriously could quit playing all together.

Oy, I’m also really hoping that I can get a leveling partner soon. Rogues are awesome in tandem, but solo the can really bite. This is part of the reason that I haven’t switched over to a mutilate build from my current combat build. The combat abilities, at least so far, have helped me to take out multiple targets. Somehow the combat build is really starting to lose steam. My gear is ok, even if there’s more green in it now than I’d like, but somehow I’m just not killing anywhere near as quickly as I should. Then again it could be that I just need to remember that I’m not playing an ‘easy button’ class like a Death Knight anymore, and suck it up.

Heh, wow it’s amazing how cranky my blog posts can get after some wine. Yes I am old enough to drink wine. Yeah now I’m going for a second. Night all and hope the super-bowl thing was cool for those that enjoy that sort of thing.


January 25 2009

Rogue Update: 55 and All’s Well

Sweet! Just three more levels until the Outlands! I’m sooooooooo excited. Today was also a pretty fun day overall. Running around killing Sayters, killing myself with some daffy elixer, and acting as a one woman population control for Ungoro Crater. Woo Hoo!

I do have some fun stuff that I didn’t get to last night because well I was totally about to pass out. First off the Lunar Festival. So I went ahead and went to a few of the elders for the Lunar Festival and that was pretty fun. Ok well the most fun ones where Crossroads and Camp Taurajo (they’re both Hordie, hehe). After those I got a little Achievement happy so I went for 10 Coins of Ancestry, The Rocket’s Red Glare, Frenzied Firecracker, Lunar Festival Finery, and Elders of the Alliance. There’s a couple more I want to get before the festival is over, but I really just did these to take a grind break, and it was sort of fun (that and Auslander looks pretty hot in the gray pantsuit, hehe).

I also completed the Nogginfogger quests. Honestly, most fun reward ever! Here’s a screenshot:

I’m totally stoked that now I’m going to be able to go back and get more of this stuff to goof around with whenever I want. This is actually the first time I’d completed the Noggenfogger quests so I’m really happy that I got the chance to actually do them. I’d heard about them and I’d heard about the resulting award, but I’d never actually done the quests before, yeah I know I’m such a noob.

Today was even a fun day in guild chat. I was pretty much on fire just bantering back and forth with one of the new Druids. Mostly on quotes from the movie “The 5th Element” love that movie.

Aside from that a good day overall. I am starting to enjoy some of the more back stabby elements of Roguishness, so I may pop over to mutilate here pretty soon, but not too sure about that. As it stands I’ve still got to save up for my epic mount /oy and that’s going to break the bank as it is. Oh well soon enough I’ll be 60, then 70 and then… finally… 80. Let’s just hope Blizz doesn’t drop 90 on me before I can finally get my kiester up to 80 Surprised. Ok well for the love of Blood and Thunder, I’ve gotta get my butt to bed and kick this cold (so I can get some work done at work and some leveling done in game).  Wewt….

And I’m leaving off tonight with a screenshot of an impromptu guild member meet up in Moonglade.

January 24 2009

Rogue Update: wewt 54 and yes I’m Back!

Ah it’s good to be back. I caught something very unfun, and I’m still working it off. My Rogue however made it to level 54 today. I’m one level away for being eligible for summons to Hellfire Ramparts and just 4 levels away from the Outlands. Oh boy it’s one heck of a grind. Yeah I know it’s not the same as it used to be, and oh I can tell you I’m quite glad about that. I can also say that getting one level per night in the Outlands was a quite a bit easier than it is in the old world. It’s kind of hard to start over again from scratch.

I did finally get to see Dire Maul today! Soooo exciting. I went in with Suar and wow what an instance! It’s got to be an herbalists dream. I have plans to go back with one of my other guildies at this point, but I think I’d rather wait a few more levels so that I’d be able to do some damage (well and recruit a tank). The downside of this instance is that there are mobs that can see right through my stealth abilities, and even popping vanish doesn’t work since they see through that too (heh). But we made it through the instance achievement and all.

Sad part is I was kind of nervous about getting the Achievement. Then my guild would know where I was at and that I was still running with Saur. He’s one of my best friends in the game right now, but he’d left our guild due to a rather unpleasant turn of events. I don’t want to get into it, but safe to say both myself and Saur are kind of caught in the fall out. We weren’t directly involved in anything that happened, we were just the closest to the folks that were a part of what happened.

Due to the events Saur chose to leave the guild. I can’t blame him, it seems like he’s seen a lot of guild drama in his WoW career and I think that really affects his perception of current events.  Being kind of a loner myself, I can sympathize with how he feels. I really just hope that he doesn’t let this one event affect the way he feels about Aftermath permanently and that eventually he’ll come back to the guild. Whether he does or does not, I hope I’ll be able to stay in contact with him and still be able to run with him once I finally hit the level cap.

I wasn’t too involved in the bulk of these events (mostly because I’ve been in bed all week recovering from this bug). I have however stuck with Aftermath. I was there to sign the guild charter, I’ve bumped recruiting threads in the forums, I’m helping the other re-rolling players, and I’m excited to level up and raid with this crew I’ve signed on with. There’s no way I’d leave that behind. I think everyone knows this, the folks that left, and even my guild members.

The last few days the guild has felt kind of strained, now at least it’s nice to know why, and it’s nice to put everyone’s focus back on having fun. For the most part, at least to me, that’s what WoW and the guild Aftermath are all about. Just having fun with other folks that want to have fun. With any guild there are times where members come in that just don’t mesh well with the guild. It happens with any guild. Some folks just tough it out so they can get loot. Others (like myself) prefer to run solo because they can’t seem to find a guild worth aligning themselves with. That’s not the way things are in Aftermath and that’s why I’ve stayed with this guild for so long. Why I’ve even been willing to switch from Horde to Alliance, to a new server, from a level 72 Death Knight to re-roll Rogue.

Yeah I’m tired of the leveling grind. I’d really like to have a level capped character. I’d like to just log on and do heroics or do daylies. I’d like to be able to just run lower level characters and guildie alts through lower level dungeons. Really, I’d like to be at the top of the food change, for a change. It seems like it’s taking forever. Then again, maybe I’m just REALLY cranky from feeling ill for a full week. Hmmm…… yeah that’s probably it.

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January 20 2009

Busy Night: Rogue hits 52, Death Night Hits 60, and Priest hits 69

Yeah another one of those ‘just can’t sleep for some reason nights’. So I just play a little WoW. (for the record, I did get some sleep, just not a lot). Auslander is still leveling pretty quick and yeah she is still my Main (and main focus). So far she’s been ripping through mobs like it’s nobody’s business and knocking quests out left and right. Hitting 52 puts her only 6 levels away from running to the outlands and things should move a little faster once I get there.

Since the Patch landed and a fellow guildie had said that leveling Shadow just wasn’t working for him (it’s not for everyone), I thought to myself, well, Strategeist is on Rexxar now, why not spec her back to Shadow and see how she fares. It took me a little bit to get a solid rotation down, but once I did, Strategiest was actually performing pretty well. Dispersion doesn’t work quite as well as I remember, but the + damage talents in the shadow tree really help get a little extra health back on Vampiric Embrace. While Vampiric Touch only helps so much, Improved Spirit Tap really made the difference between sitting and drinking after each pull and throwing on a hot while running after the next critter. Also, having Holy Nova makes a huge difference on multiple mobs.

So after goofing off with Strategeist for a bit I tried going to bed and getting some sleep. Yeah it wasn’t working so I figured I’d get up and read a blog or two until I was tired enough to actually get some sleep. This of course lead me to wonder just what my Human Death Knight would be able to do once she’s geard up for Dual Wielding. I also realizes that she still didn’t have a guild tabard. So I figured I’d log on for a minute or two and get my Death Knight a guild tabard (and a change of hairstyle, her original one just wasn’t working for her). Next thing I know I’m running though Hellfire Citadel with some late night guildies. The weirdest part is that HellReaver dropped on the second run through. I’ve been through Hellfire Citadel more times than I care to remember and I’ve never seen this weapon drop! On the off chance that I’m unable to sleep, logging in to my Death Knight for just a little bit, and ended up finding myself in just the right place at just the right time. That’s wierd. The worst part is that Teufeltanz (the Death Knight) wasn’t really big enough to use it yet. She hit 59 on the first run through Hellfire Citadel, and after a little questing in the Outlands I pushed her up to 60. I had kind of hoped that no one was online when she hit 60. Actively leveling Teufeltanz is not one of my main goals. Really I’m just picking up where I left off with Geistig in my Dual Wielding Death Knight experimentation. Crazy I know, but it’s one of those thinks in WoW right now that isn’t stapled into a required spec for x or y. I guess that really only bugs people that actually read into why/when to use spec x or y, hehe.

Since there’s still a little room to experiment with Death Knight weapons, abilities and specs, it’s kind of fun to be a part of that. But I did sort of want to do that covertly. Really there’s already quite a few Death Knights in the guild. I’d have leveled one already if there’d been a need for one. Really I created Teufeltanz so that I would have a good character for helping make money for my new characters on Rexxar, and have a heavy hitting plate wearing character to help out Talta as well. The sad part is that with Teufeltanz hitting 60, it means that she’s the same level as the guys I started running with when I joined the guild. They’re a ton of fun to run with. But I’ve also enjoyed running with the gals I’ve been running with lately since my leveling is dragging along. It’s tempting, it really is. I think I’ll probably level Teufeltanz every once in a while, but for now I’m focused on Auslander.

January 20 2009

Rogue Update: Mutilate Respec on Hold

Well last night I respecced Auslander for Mutilate. I grabbed a second dagger off the Auction House and ran out to try the talents. The build is pretty cool and there’s a whole lot of potential there. At 51 however, slow and low damage daggers make it kind of painful. I’ve decided for now to go Combat/Swords instead. Let’s face it, for leveling, doing steady damage and cutting through mobs as fast as possible means quests are completed faster, xp is picked up faster and the Rogue levels faster.

I also noticed that there’s really nothing like Blade Fury in the mutilate tree. This is kind of sad. Why? Well Blade Fury throws damage out on multiple mobs. When I’m in a dungeon or I just end up aggroing more than one mob, I can hit Blade Fury and it starts ticking away at everything I’m wacking around as opposed to just the single target in front of me. Keep in mind I do switch targets to apply poisons and so on, but this just makes things go a little faster. That means I take less damage and that I have less downtime. It also makes taking out the 10 mobs the Paladin tank pulled a little easier to cut through. heh

After the talent point debate, I just felt like I needed a break from the grind and decided to help out a guildy make a low level gear run through Shadow Fang Keep (SFK). To make things faster I figured I’d tap Teufeltanz my Human Death Knight.

Currently she has the beginnings of a Dual Wield spec and I plan on having her start running with dual swords once she can pick up the Alliance level 60 Hellfire Peninsula rep swords. Fresh out of Archerus Hold, she’s still wandering about in her standard issue but still menacing Death Knight regalia complete with the 2 Handed sword. Teufeltanz was also added to the guild last night when I hit accept to a guild invite that I’d thought to be a party invite. So yeah the cat’s out of the bag with my guild that I have a Death Knight. My friend that added Teufeltanz to the guild asked later if I’d intended Tanz to be more of a secret toon, but really I hadn’t asked to add Tanz to the guild because I didn’t want to clog the guild with alts. I guess one alt wouldn’t hurt. I still don’t plan on making Tanz my main at this point, yeah running through SFK (fastest run ever with a 60 Paladin and a 58 Death Knight) I was reminded just how much of a death machine this class really is. That’s kind of hard to walk away from.

In fact I actually ran Tanz out to the Dark Portal and did a couple of quets in the Outlands. What brought home how much I really enjoy rolling Rogue, was that after every mob I wanted to hit Stealth, and realized, crap Death Knights can’t stealth. With Death Knights my weapon selection is also pretty limited. Yeah I know that may not seem like a big deal to most folks, but I really like the fact that Auslander could practically carry an arsenal of weapons. This kind of flexibility makes it a lot easier for me to pick up new weapons that do greater damage as I’m out questing or instancing. When I’m limited on weapon choices, sometimes I just have to hit up the auction house if my toon outgrows their weapon without coming across a decent replacement. Yeah I know this sounds like a weak complaint, but when you’re toon is starting from scratch, every little bit saved makes it a lot easier to pay for training and buy mounts. Otherwise your running around like a kiddie with a sugar high trying to scrounge up the last of the cash needed to pay for this and that. Well that and pick pocketing can bring in some coin too heh.

Yeah it was nice to take a break from the old world grind and feel a little invincible, but it’s back to the Rogue for me, heh.

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January 19 2009

Rogue Leveling Notes: Talent Builds

While Rogue isn’t the hottest class to play in WoW right now, I still enjoy it. Then I’ve also done a little homework to make sure that I pick the best talents and gear for my Rogue so that I can level her as quickly as possible. Nothing slows down leveling quite like spending twice as long to grind through quests. Well here’s the leveling info I’ve been using so far.

Right now I’m following the Rogue leveling builds I’d picked up in the WoW Official forums (link).

Here’s your build at level: (self-evident completion as far as I can see)
At 40 you respec to:

At 50, you get to make a choice: Stay with combat/nondagger or switch over to daggers & go Mutilate.
If you stay with combat/nondagger:

If you go daggers/mutilate:
Then get 2 more fillers wherever you like them (endurance, Camo, etc..), and we’re changing topics 🙂

It’s kind of nice to have a detailed map to follow and so far, I’ve gotta say that it’s made leveling a lot easier and a lot faster. I’m pretty sure that between following these specs, doing a lot of instancing, and following Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide have made all the difference in the world. Since I work full time and don’t get a ton of time to play, every little bit helps.

But I have to fess up to the fact that I haven’t been following the builds to the letter. I’ve sort of tweaked them a bit to add in Master of Deception, Opportunity, and Camouflage from the Subtlety talent tree. Why? Ok so not only do these talents just make me feel a little more ninja like, which is always bonus, but they make it easier for me to sneak into zones and sneak up on quest targets. Not to mention the fact that opening moves like Cheap Shot give two combo points but require Stealth to pull off. Having the Subtlety talents make it easier for me to sneak up on higher level mobs and to take them out all that much faster. Without the talents, I’d probably have my stealth blown a lot more often, and it’d take longer for the cooldown to pass. It’s never fun waiting for the Stealth cooldown.

I also spaced the level 50 re-spec so I’ll have to do that tonight. I’m going to go with a Mutilate build for now. While Combat has been fun and well daggers are slow and hard to come by, I’ve got a few reasons for wanting to swap over to Mutilate. From the same article above there’s three raiding builds listed (link):

There are currently 3 builds you can take into raids, in order of increasing bossfight DPS they are:

· Combat 7/51/13
– http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=f0xbZMgV0x0xaru0xRte0b0h, switch 1 point from CQB to Swordspec if you’re actually using swords.
– The spec is solid on bossfights, allows you to switch between most non-dagger weapons easily (important since sword itemization is less than good). It’s probably the most useful spec for heroics too, due to multitargetting abilities.
– Weapon loadout is Sword/Sword, Fist/Sword, Fist/Fist or Fist/Dagger; allocate points into weaponspec as appropriate
– Slow mainhand, Fast offhand.
– Poisons are Wound and Deadly, Wound goes to the weapon that hits most often (fast offhand vs. slow mainhand + instant attacks). That generally means with a 1.40 or faster offhand, Wound Poison goes to the offhand, otherwise Wound goes to the mainhand. [will recalcule for other weapon speeds]
– Start SnD as fast as possible (after the first 1-2 combopoints)
– Cycle is 5s/5r/5? (? =: more than ~12 seconds left on S&D use Evis, else pool energy and use S&D)
– Glyphs: Slice & Dice, Rupture, Sinister Strike or Adrenaline Rush (currently bugged to also reduce KSpree cooldown by 1m)

· Mutilate 51/13/7
– http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=f0ef0exoVboIzAo0xV0hZxb
– Higher boss-DPS than combat but requires you to pay more attention
– Weapon loadout is dagger/dagger, if possible fast daggers to increase poison damage
– Faster dagger goes to Offhand with Instant Poison; Deadly Mainhand – due to a bug that allows for offhand poisons to proc twice
– Get 3 stacks of HfB up before combat, do not let HfBdrop during combat, start SnD Early (after your first mutilate), do not let S&D drop during combat.
– Cycle: 4+ combopoints, less than ~12 left on S&D or rupture still running? -> Envenom to refresh S&D; otherwise Rupture.
– Hit Rating & Crit Rating are slightly stronger stats for this build than for combat, at least until you reach the poison hit cap.
– Glyphs: Slice & Dice, Rupture,

· Asshat with boyfriend (Ass/HAT + BF)
– http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=fhhZ0gc0x0xoZxbfbhGzdAzVco
– This is currently the highest potential bossfight-DPS we have (due to a bug) if circumstances are right (2+ HAT rogues in party, high crit party preferably hunters). The bug (see below) causes massive influx of CPs generation if more than one HAT rogue is in the group. This is largely what’s responsible for HAT being so broken atm, as you can launch a 5-point Evis every global cooldown.
– The build is highly reliant on your party members critting often (and being alive)
– Weapon loadout is fast/fast to maximize poison procs, no matter the type (although typically daggers will be the fastest available weapons), but anything works to be honest
– Poisons are Wound for fast weapons (=< 1.40 speed), or Deadly/Wound if you have a slow one (deadly on slow)
– Cycle: Keep Slice & Dice running, spam 5pt evis
– Do not waste Energy, do not waste combopoint
– That means: Do not get so low on energy that you wouldn’t be able to evis, you don’t want to waste combopoints. You don’t want to waste energy either, so if no CPs are being generated by your party, you can bridge that period by using Hemo. This should be rare.
– Note about Stats: Evis is your primary form of damage with this build, it *needs* to connect, which means you need to cap special attack hit rating, as well as expertise. Beyond that Agility/AP/Crit seem best.
– Note about the build: If you have low Hit Rating, you can shift points away from imp. S&D to precision, as mentioned above you want 8% to make sure Evis doesn’t miss. When you have that, you can use the points on imp. S&D instead to significantly reduce how often you need to refresh it. For the non-DPS talents in Sub, you can of course pick those you want – the suggested ones are those with the best chance to increase your time on target by getting you there faster or keeping you alive.
– Glyphs: Eviscerate (!), Slice and Dice,

Yeah I know fun names right? I didn’t make these up I promise. Now before you poo poo the builds (and I mean poo poo as in blow of not the other kind that ends up as part of some bizarre quest), I’ve also seen the same kind of builds discussed in the Elitist Jerks forums. If you’re planning on getting into end game content and you haven’t been to this site, don’t tell anyone, just go there heh. Really, there’s a lot of good information there for all classes. A lot of it is really high level stuff though, so if you’re new to the game you’ll probably want to keep WoWWiki or something open in another tab to help figure out what it is they’re talking about. But these are folks with a lot of class experience and that do a lot of work/research/testing to put together good builds. Since I’m still pretty new to the game I like to look to resources like these to set up my build and make sure I’m getting the right gear.

Right now I’m leaning toward going with a Mutilate build. It may mean a little more work than a combat build, but apparently it does just a little more DPS than the Combat based build. Yeah right now the Subtlety build that uses Honor Among Thieves is putting out the most DPS, it’s not steady DPS. Honor Among Thieves adds a bunch of combo points to the target after someone in the party also hits the target with a critical strike. Building up Critical Strike stats is pretty important for a Rogue and I know that Shadow Priests used to be able to reliably douse a target with Critical Strikes when specced with Misery and Shadow Power, but I’m not sure if, post WotLK, those are still pumping out Critical Strikes.

So with this in mind, rocking unsteady DPS when you’re an unproven raider and new to a guild, probably isn’t the best way to make a good impression. I’ll probably change out the Mutilate build for the Subtlety build if it looks like the Mutilate build isn’t putting out enough DPS.

Now with all this in mind I need to oh I don’t know, actually hit 80 so that I can actually put all of this into practice. There’s nothing quite like being a low level character spouting off this great build they’re planning to use. It’s like ok, well why don’t you focus more on actually getting to a level where you can apply the points instead of spending time talking about it, hehe.

January 18 2009

Rogue Update: Another Instance Day and Hitting Level 51

Today I logged on a little late, but I still managed to get some questing in. Today was a little bit anti climactic really. I mean I am over the hump but, but I do feel that my leveling has seriously slacked. A lot of it has to do with a lack of focus, my drive to get to 80 and raid is still there, but my focus has drifted off a little bit. Perhaps I’m getting a little worn by the quest grind, (and of having to deal with household turmoil due to wanting to accomplish my goal /oy). Following the leveling guides can be tough when I’m skipping levels to just go through instances, but I am sticking to getting at least one level per day.

Today went a little bit slower though due to stopping to help out some guildmates get quests completed in Uldaman. Sad part is I think I’m really getting the hang of how that instance works now. There was a little bit of drama in that run though and I am partially responsible. We suffered one bad pull that wiped out the lower members of the group. One of the paladins was coming back to resurrect the others and ran into a bat that killed him again. I went back with the other high level toon running the raid to help escort the Paladin back through. A little later in the run I also had to lay the smack down to convince everyone to focus on the instance, including killing the mobs and healing those taking damage. Then of course I also had to massage egos a bit to smooth things out. Fortunately once everyone focused on the instance we did just fine. Talta was wiped out one more time after that but since she’s running as a Mage, she doesn’t have a lot of hit points to pad her from the inevitable when the nasties come bearing down upon her.

So just as that ended I put Auslander on a bird and rushed to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Unfortunately dinner finished up at just the wrong time, when we were finally ready to head into the Sunken Temple. /oy But the gang was pretty cool about it because I jumped right into the fray as soon as dinner was completed and handed off. This knocked 4 quests out of my quest log, pushed me to 51 and put me almost halfway to 52. I should be able to get to 52 tomorrow night.

It was though kind of exciting today when Hudson hopped over to his 70 Rogue just to check the mailbox and decided to play it a little. His Rogue is set at a Mutilate spec, and he was pretty pleased to see just how fast things die when you’re rolling Rogue. Honestly, I’m totally stoked about that myself. For just a moment I got to share a little bit in just how fun the class is with someone else running with the class. The sad part is that this was actually the better part of my day. I hadn’t rolled a Rogue up until the change over to Rexxar, well at least not seriously, but I really enjoy the class. Before the patch, everyone had at least a Rogue alt. They were just the coolest class and were really powerful, which of course made them pretty sexy. With Death Knights and Hunters doing so much damage (not to mention the love Druids have recieved) it just isn’t cool to roll Rogue anymore. To me that actually makes the class MORE appealing. Mostly because it means that the folks rolling Rogue are sticking with those toons for the love of the class, not just because it pwns more.

Really I just can’t wait to get Auslander up to a level that she can be a part of the higher level guild runs. It’s just so frustrating when I feel like I’m just not leveling fast enough and when I’m worried that once I get there I won’t be able to do enough damage or that I just suck at playing a Rogue. My guild mates have been supportive though. They know that Rogues needs some PvE buffing, but we’re all hopful that it’ll come. Sure I could re-roll and play a class that’s more in vogue, that does more damage and well that would let me heal others when there’s not a healer present, but I just couldn’t justify going back to start just to do that. I just won’t do it. Well here’s looking at an 80 Rogue.

January 17 2009

Rogue Update: Hitting 50 and a Day of Helping Out

Whew, long day. So I ran around this morning finishing enough quests to push Auslander to 50 and working pretty steadily on 51. I’m totally wiped out too. I spent a little too much time online and in vent just listening to my guild mates and cracking up. Today I ran through Uldaman twice to help out some guildies, Talta came with us on one of the runs through Ulduman. I also ran through Gadgetzan to help Tatla complete some quests. Since I’m a little too tired for a long entry tonight I think I’ll post some images and write a longer post tomorrow.

A little /dance while waiting out for the first Uldaman run.

And our successful completion of Gnomregon, (including a really funny /cry by Paladin Griffyn)

Until next time /sleep hehe

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January 16 2009

Rogue Update: Battling Through Black Rock Deeps and Hitting 49

I think I can pretty much admit to being somewhat giddy Laughing. Tonight I was able to make it on a guild run of Black Rock Deeps and I hit 49 while in the instance. We also unlocked the achievement while we were there. It was fun getting a chance to go through this instance with a team of guild mates (that are about the same level) and just kick some butt in the instance. I’m also really happy that I’m getting a chance to see these dungeons. I didn’t play WoW back in the “vanilla” days (before the release of the first expansion pack The Burning Crusades), so a lot of this is brand new to me. Not to mention the fact that it’s quite nice to fill a half a level with instance xp, heh.

Despite myself I’m really starting to enjoy dungeons. They’re still a little stressful, but as I put into practice the things I’ve read and I listen to the folks who’ve been through the instances before so that I at least know what not to do (like when the cannons blast fire out of the walls it’s a good idea not to stand in the flames). The sad part is that I was at the base level for entry into the dungeon and my hit points where a little low. I’ve got to boost those up a bit as I go along (need more +stamina gear).

So despite the fact that I ran right into the dungeon as soon as I got home from work, and there were some technical difficulties with the in game chat software (no real surprise there hehe), it was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next instance. Here’s a few more fun shots.

Tiny Mage and Bony Druid:

Dancing Pally Tank (I laughed every time)

And Druid dance in Tree Form (epic laughs)

Well night everyone!