Rift Trial Night 1: Cleric PvP

Last night I ran around the same battle ground in Rift healing and laying the smack down. Was I invincible? No. Did I get pwned? Oh yeah quite frequently. Did I have fun? You bet your sweet keister I did! Skeleton Jack picked up Rift and is giving it a shot. He knows I’m in […]

Rift Trial – Giving Rift a Second Shot

As I’m typing this I’ve got the Rift patcher downloading away in the background. I was chatting it up with an old blogging buddy of mine Skeleton Jack and well I’m not sure how much longer Fallen Earth is going to keep my attention. Trust me it’s not the game. The game is just fine. […]

Quickie – MultiPlaying Rift Guild

Looking forward to Rift but not sure about a guild? If you’re looking for some fun people to play around the folks at MultiPlaying rock. I met a few of them as a Latency Lowlife and had a blast with those folks. Check out the details here -> Link

Rift Addiction

Over the weekend I ended up getting totally absorbed in the Rift beta. By the time I logged off last night (way too late by the way) I couldn’t believe how much I was actually enjoying playing the game. Oh and I was actually enjoying playing a HEALING class! To me that’s pretty much unheard […]