Finally Got the Music Software Set Up

Ok so after a lot of dinking around including changing out my sound card, I finally got my music software to cooperate. I have some pretty 80's sounding softsynths so far so I can make some really funky sounds. Now I just have to remind myself that I'm trying to make music, not just goof […]

Goodby Jack?

Skeleton Jack is leaving WoW. I mean while I don't want to believe it, I can. If you're a determined person, WoW can get pretty overwhelming. His blog was always entertaining and informative, even the posts I got a chance to help out on. I really hope that things work out for him and that […]

Long Time No Posts

Oy well between work, getting the new blog together, submitting for the FreeRealms Wiki on Zam, it's been a little nuts lately. Worst part is there's a ton of stuff that I want to do, but only the same amount of time to do it in. I'm adjusting to using WordPress on my new blog […]


So yeah, no posts in a bit. I still feel like blogging I've just got to find some time. I've been leveling the DK, writing for a friend's blog, and trying out Lord of the Rings Online with some buddies. I even logged back into Runes of Magic just to see what I thought of […]

Where It’s At

Aaaaaaahhh! Sorry, that’s just where I’m at right now. Unfortunately I’ve had an extra project at work the coincided with a whole bunch of other projects that I have to do for work. Last night I pretty much just went home and passed out. Hopefully things will get back to normal and I can get […]

Awake for a Quake

Last night was another insomnia fest for me. For the most part I just chalk it up to creativity and usually when I can't get to sleep I doodle or I play WoW until I pass out in the middle of a drawing or my keyboard. This morning, after having a pretty involved conversation and […]

Christmas Day Means Family Phone Calls and 2 More Levels

more animals I'm hoping that everyone had a happy holiday this year! I realize that my blog is not brimming with holiday cheer and that's really just a reflection of how I feel this holiday season. The relatives that I'm closest to all live pretty far away, I was the last family member to stay […]

Off Topic and Let it Snow!

Sweet! It’s snowing in Seattle! Geistig here isn’t the only one getting to enjoy a little bit of the cold powdery goodness. I love snow. I’ve lived in places where there was snow on the ground for months at a time. I’ve even spent months working at a ski resort. Somehow I still can’t get […]

A Little Secret

I have a secret. Nah it’s not one of those really good ones that makes folks run to post on a forum. It’s not even one of those sort of blah ones you hear old ladies discussing, at great length, while in line at the DMV. My secret is that I love comics. I read […]