Experiment EvE Trading Spaces Login Rewards And Dynamic Frontiers Update

Today is a big day for Updates in EvE. The Halloween Horrors event has ended. The Trading Stations mini event is ongoing however so if you’re a Jita space fan this should be something for you. There are daily login rewards. Today’s were fireworks which I’m perfectly fine with as I love fireworks. Both the […]

Experiment EvE: Last Day Of The Halloween Horrors

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been doing much in EvE beyond mining. Right now EvE will probably have a hard time pulling people away from a lot of the other games pulling out some really interesting content this month. So must fight the urge to stop playing EvE!  I do plan on being […]

WoW Update: Free Weekend Fun

Getting G’Hanir WoW Legion Content While EvE has it’s Halloween event still going strong for a few more days, all of us are hanging out in other games. Since WoW is currently offering a Welcome Back Weekend, I convinced Vinny to log in and help me out with some quests. He may or may not […]

Experiment EvE Update

As a quick update, the asteroid belts are back in Low Sec. This is apparently making quite a few miners pretty happy. I can’t say it doesn’t work for me as it means there’s going to be less competition in HiSec since people are fighting it out in Low Sec over the higher value ores. […]

WoW Tracking One More Down

Just quickly noting that one more achievement is knocked off the list to get my Legion Druid Flight form. Just 7 more to go.

Experiment EvE Miners Getting Anxious

The general concept of mining in EvE Online is pretty simple. You equip a ship with mining gear, find an asteroid belt, target and press F1. Not too much to worry about there. The big problems show up when there are no asteroids to mine. That is becoming an issue in the game.  Missing Roids […]

WoW Setting A Goal

At the moment I have only been playing WoW once  a week with friends and family. Lately I’ve been logging in once a day to do some basic dailies just to get some spare gold and XP.  Since recent changes however I’ve decided that I want to unlock the druid flight form. Mostly to carry […]

Experiment EvE Mining And Analysis

I have to admit that at the moment I’m pretty boring. While we did get a big sale in yesterday, today is just refilling the bins.  Fewer ‘Roids to Go ‘Round I can say that where we are the Veldspar is getting sparse. The belts are full of pretty much every other asteroid, but a […]

Experiment EvE A Sale And More Mining

So quick update for today. Yesterday was the Tuesday D&D night so mining didn’t really happen. It looks as though mining is picking up where we are currently working out of as things are pretty picked over today. We did managed to contract out a large quantity of compressed ore and that was worth half […]

Experiment EvE Mining And Selling

Things have been fairly quiet in my section of space over the last 24 hours. There’s only been minimal ship destruction. On seeing the map looking light on destruction over the last 24 hours I decided to move some compressed ore to a retail upwell nearby.  Since this was corporation mined ore it’s getting sold […]