Don’t Feel Like Questing… Mod the UI

Well I recommended using CTMod (Link) to a guildie in one of my previous posts. Then I realized that I hadn’t really played with it much and that I probably should dink around with it a little more before telling other folks “here go play with this”. Ok that and there’s a cold going around […]

One More Macro Note…

Okee dokee, so I wanted to make a note of this before I konked out for the night. So ever see those macros that have the player’s name in them? I have and I love them. So I was wondering just how to get those into the macro. Fortunately I was talking to a guild […]

WoW Macros and Dual Boxing

Okee Dokee so as promised here’s a little work up of my Dual Boxing experience so far and the Macros I’m using to make it happen. First off, the pic to the left here is my set up. I went with a dual hardware approach. Evidently you can run two WoW accounts on the same […]