Saying Goodby

So this past week I did finally say goodbye to my LotRO Guild Smaug’s Legacy. If you’re on Landroval and you’re looking for a guild, talk to Dragco. I had a lot of fun in LotRO, the people on the Landroval server are absolutely amazing. In fact if it weren’t for the people on that […]

LotRO: Taking a Break

So yeah LotRO has slowed to a crawl. Sure I could spend all of my time in instances and level faster, but really I’m just frustrated with the game. I enjoyed the idea of making armour for my Kinship, but I don’t feel like waiting 6 weeks to complete a full set of armour and/or […]

LotRO: A Little Diffrent from the Norm

So the Kinship decided on a Hauberk to wear for Kin events and whatnot. It’s kind of scaly so it fits with the theme of our Kinship pretty well. (Smaug, the Kin’s namesake is a dragon). Before stoing the hauberk for the night Savvy and I rode thought Bree wearing the new colors and I […]

LotRO: Riding with Style, Right into that Tree….

Woo Hooo! Finally hit 35 AND made enough to pay for the mount. I still had the festival tokens and ticket in the bank so I was able to pick up a lovely Summer Festival horse. This is actually pretty huge for my slack-tastic self. Usually I barely manage to scrape enough up for a […]

LotRO: Working Towards 35 and Getting a House

So in LotRO you're eligible for picking up your mount at level 35 (well level 35 and plopping down 4 gold and 220 silver or thereabouts). I'm pretty excited about getting my mount really. I participated in the Summer Festival fishing quests and ended up with enough festival coins to pick up a festival horse. […]

LotRO: Rune-Keeper Update Ding 29 & Artisan Metalsmith

I’m very excited. I’m almost halfway to the level cap! I can already start working on Return to Rivendell by killing 150 Orc. Sad part is that shouldn’t be too terribly tough since they’re friggin everywhere. Now Artisan Metalsmith… *sheesh*! Metalsmith is a pain to level. I’ve been mostly making tools for the Auction House. […]


Well LotRO Book 8 was released today for the US servers so now my system is doing the download thing. Chances are I won't be able to login tonight. Then again a nice night relaxing at home and watching some movies doesn't sound too bad. On a positive note, I couldn't sleep last night so […]

LotRO: House of the Crazy Cat Lady

So last night after taking Weathertop for a second time and getting halfway to 25, it was time to return to Bree and get in some serious crafting. Ok so AFTER getting into some serious crafting I decided to do some running around Bree. I'd seen a hunter running around on the roof tops and […]

LotRO: Epic Quest Night and Adventures Galore

Talk about a fun weekend! So on Friday Night I trailed behind the Kin as we grouped up in a Fellowship to complete some of the Epic Quest line (aka the Book Quests). Safe to say it was pretty interesting stuff. Both the quests themselves, the members of the Kin roleplaying a bit as we […]

LotRO: Digging into Instance Content

So I got a chance to get into one of the first LotRO instances tonight “The Great Barrows”. I approve of it, yeppers good and spoooky (extra o's for emphasis). I was also lucky enough to be part of an all guild run. Though we did run into some trouble here and there, overall we […]