Life is Feudal: Your Own – Server Number 3

We are still playing the peasant simulator Life is Feudal:Your Own and surprisingly still having fun with it. We’ve decided to run our own server at this point because after swapping server then suffering a rogue server wipe for ‘reasons’ we decided that it was time to avoid letting our building projects rest in the […]

LIF:YO – Humble Beginnings

 Fun news everyone! The end of the world happened. Well the end of the world known as The Kingdom of Feyrith. They were having trouble with their hosting provider and decided to switch hosting. The downside is that they couldn’t migrate the data due to issues with the hosting provider’s policies so now we have […]

Life is Feudal: Your Own

So, what does one do when MMO’s just don’t cut it anymore? Well CrankyB suggested that we try out Life is Feudal: Your Own. This is a hardcore sandbox with full loot, skill loss death penalties and a bit of a learning curve. There are also no in game npc’s to give you missions or buy […]