LotRO: Working Towards 35 and Getting a House

So in LotRO you're eligible for picking up your mount at level 35 (well level 35 and plopping down 4 gold and 220 silver or thereabouts). I'm pretty excited about getting my mount really. I participated in the Summer Festival fishing quests and ended up with enough festival coins to pick up a festival horse. […]

Update: Cleaning Up and a Little Leveling

Ok you got me. Why haven't I been posting as much as I usually do? Mostly because I haven't had much to report on the leveling front. I've been doing some more research on the Shaman talents and I'm slowly formulating some talent build ideas. I've also been running around Azeroth picking up good for […]

Shaman Update: the Twins hit 30

Finally! Ok well they actually hit 30 last night as I ran behind Blackluna (a Death Knight in and Talta, while dodging baddies in the Scarlet Monastery. I’ve had a little practice in this arena now so I’m getting the hang of it. The twins have also completed and received their Air Totem (where the […]

Shaman Update: Water Totem, Ghost Wolf, and level 21

One of the coolest parts about being a Shaman is the Ghost Wolf form. It’s a spell that Shaman can cast that increases their travel speed by 40%. Sure it doesn’t seem like much when compared to say the 100% of the epic mount (and I don’t even want to think about how much faster […]