Fallen Earth – Welcome Back to the Apocalypse

Lately a lot of people are making their way back to Fallen Earth. Hoofhearted (KAOS) logged in today! I hadn’t seen him for months so I’m totally glad to see him back in the game. The wastelands just aren’t the same without Hoofie’s own brand of chaotic violence. My buddy Monthi is checking out Fallen […]

Fallen Earth Confessions of a PvP Healer

Picture this if you will, one crazy gal who less than a year ago was a total care bear in games. Now picture that same gal getting hooked on PvP. Not you’re tame MMO PvP, where you’re mouse clicking away, you can’t hurt friendlies, you can’t heal foes, and everyone’s fighting over an ‘effing flag. […]

Fallen Earth: A Little PvP Vid by Misbee

Here’s a little PvP video with the Saints and KAOS vs Heretic and a few other clans. This battle took place after a long night of fighting these guys and after I was kinda cloner camped a little. Then again I knew once I had the KAOS clan tag it was coming. Safe to say […]