Taking a Chance and Landing a Good Guild, Small, but Good

So yeah, while I still spend the bulk of my time running with Savvy (which is the what I prefer regardless), I managed to get us both into a guild. It’s not a big guild, and it’s still pretty new, but it’s a guild with promise. So far the guild Leader and the Guild officers […]

Update: A Documentary Parody and Guild Activities

Ok so right now I've got a lot of projects in the air. In fact I've got an article I need to get started on here in a bit. I've finally decided to start working on filming an in WoW documentary parody on the mobs in WoW with the worst drop rates. I've also got […]

The Ghost Walkers Take on Blackrock Spire

As a wild idea (of which I have many) I set an all Death Knight guild event to get the Jenkins Title. Why? Well pretty much just to get us all together while getting us out of the grind. I’m a big fan of doing something different every once in a while. So we all […]


So yeah, no posts in a bit. I still feel like blogging I've just got to find some time. I've been leveling the DK, writing for a friend's blog, and trying out Lord of the Rings Online with some buddies. I even logged back into Runes of Magic just to see what I thought of […]

Guild Update: Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, and Recruiting

Last night a few guild members and myself took on Ragefire Chasm and the Wailing Caverns. While they're not the hottest dungeons in WoW they were a great way for us to all get together and start to see how we're going to work together as a group. As guild leader it was a great […]

Know When to Hold ’em, Fold ’em, and to Just Walk Away

Sorry I'm not going to be my chipper self today. I left Aftermath yesterday. I saw some problems with the guild and evidently I'm the only person that sees said problems so instead of bashing my head against a brick wall (which tends to make quite a mess), I decided to leave. I didn't leave […]

The Shammy Twins Hit 40 and Aftermath Prepares for … Gnome Raiding?

Yeppers… level 40 means Mail! Finally a chance to wear some armor that can take a few more dings. I love that. While I’m not leveling quite as fast as I’d like to this weekend, I’m also feeling like ass warmed over due to a lovely head cold I’ve been fighting all week. I give […]

To the Dungeons I Have Loved Before…

So while I don’t have a whole lot of news to report on my Shaman twins, I did have one heck of a night instancing. Yes I even went to Molten Core. It’s one of those instances that I’ve heard about, but I never dreamed that I’d actually SEE it. As part of an all […]

Shaman Update: Water Totem, Ghost Wolf, and level 21

One of the coolest parts about being a Shaman is the Ghost Wolf form. It’s a spell that Shaman can cast that increases their travel speed by 40%. Sure it doesn’t seem like much when compared to say the 100% of the epic mount (and I don’t even want to think about how much faster […]

The Votes are in, the Die is Cast, Creep Rolls Shaman

Arguably, I like the fluidity of the Druid and I think with more time, it’s a class I’d really enjoy. Thing is I don’t really have a ton of time what with working and well you know just plain living seems to take up a stupid quantity of time. Anywho, I’d been contemplating rolling a […]