MMO’s When You’re Strange

I do have some issues with games that keep me out of them sometimes. Tonight is no exception since I’ve been pushing myself this week to get stuff done. Now that it’s the weekend I’m not just exhausted from work but also looking at everything in life that’s piled up in the meantime. Since I’ve […]

MMO Baggage: Encumbrance Vs Inventory

Inventory managment has always been an issue for me and I despise it in every game except for Warframe. For some reason this is the only game I’m playing at the moment that just has one big pot for all of the craftables and ‘stuff’. Warframe does charge for arsenal unlocks, but to be fair, […]

What To Play Now?

So yeah. What to play now? Elder Scrolls Online Despite my lack of blog content, I have been playing ESO on and off again since at least a year before Summerset hit. Even as the slacker I am, I managed to accomplish quite a bit in the few years I played ESO. I know, I […]

Looking at Three Games and Loving It

Yep! 3! Warframe is looking to round out my set of games at the moment coming in at a whopping three which is a big deal for me since I usually only stick to one MMO at a time, play the hell out of it, get so mind numbingly bored with it that I want […]

Back in Black Hitting Living Story 4 in GW2

So Vinny and I are hitting up the GW2 Season 4 Living Story. Yes I’m late, I’ve been kind of busy grinding achievements in ESO and building amazing houses just to have you know. Worst part is that I feel better about life when I’m slacking than when I’m walking around with a shiny title, […]

GW2 Path of Fire Fun

I’m finnally inspired to write again. Hey, it’s process. Since I’m not one of the people that just likes to back seat dev the games I’m playing and actually likes focusing on the positive, I haven’t had a lot to say about the games I’ve been playing lately. If anyone cares to hear about that, […]

Having Fun in Guild Wars 2

We’ve recently had some of our friends join me and CrankB in Guild Wars 2. Even my Mom has gotten back into the game. Currently she’s working on her Druid. I kind of sold her on the slightly more mage-like aspect of the Drood. Since her only level 80 character is a Ranger, it works […]

GW2: Elite Name on Elite Specializations Misleads Players

OK now before you flame me, here’s the TLDR: They should be called Sub Class Specializations NOT Elite Specializations. Here’s my reasoning: They change the way you play a class that you have, giving it more of a sub class feel. They are not MORE powerful or more difficult to play in any way than […]

GW2: ArenaNet Reduces Elite Specialization Hero Point Cost and More

If you take a look at one of the latest Guild Wars 2 (GW2) news posts today you’ll see that ArenaNet is making some very popular changes to their Heart of Thorns content. Changes I would have to agree are only going to improve what is overall solid post 80 content over all. Despite a […]

GW2: Beta Bait and Switch

Here I am, out of semi-retirement otherwise known as hating my hosting provider to gripe about the new Guild Wars 2 (GW2) expansion Heart of Thorns (HoT). Well not all of it, just one tiny aspect that I had been SERIOUSLY looking forward to. Which part? The elite specializations. Now to tie in the title, […]