Experiment EvE What A Lovely Day

Ship And Station EvE Online MMO

Welcome to Tuesday. Yesterday was slightly uneventful besides spending way too much time researching spreadsheets.  PS if you’re going to use GoogleSheets to share your data with other peeps and you don’t mind doing a bit of scripting yourself, check out the Fuzzworks API. If anyone asks for a more detailed explanation of how it […]

Experiment EvE Spreadsheets Online

Since the High Sec mining craze is a thing lately I’ve been mining like crazy. I’m not the only one I see a lot of Orca floating about. Though I think it’s strange to see people solo mining in Orca but hey, it’s apparently the thing to do these days. I’m started mining in a […]

Experiment EvE The Beginning

EVE MMO Character Watching Screens

This story really begins in 2009. For some reason I never really recorded a lot of my time in EvE. Granted a lot of it is not super exciting since I’m a High Sec Industrialist. As the curse goes “May you live in interesting times.” Right now in EvE we’re living through very interesting times. […]

Warframe To Do List

So at this point my Warframe to do list just keeps getting longer. There’s all of those little things I’d ‘like’ to do and then there’s all of the content that I just haven’t bothered with because I haven’t been able to focus on building up a frame capable of doing a lot of the […]

Touring the Old World Before the Cataclysm

Since reading up on the next WoW expansion Cataclysm, I’ve been debating touring through the places in WoW that have been announced to change. I’m a screenshot bug anyway and well there’s already a pretty good list of the parts of the WoW map that will never be the same. The old world of Vanilla […]

The Ladys Necklace an Example of an Excellent Quest

I have to say that my favorite WoW quest is “The Lady’s Necklace”. It’s a very low level drop quest in the Ghostlands (post Burning Crusade). What grips me about this quest is really the story of the destruction that occurred to the Blood Elf lands and the tragic story of the Dark Lady of […]

Thoughts on the World of Warcraft Cataclysm

The thoughts are… Why do I have to wait so long!!!! Yep I like the concept and so far I like the fact that they’re going back to revamp the old world. What I don’t like about most MMO’s is how static they are. They also only work on content for the last remaining members […]

BYOG: More Research

I’m still really interested in the concept of a dynamic gaming platform that would allow you to build your own game. After spending some time in Second Life I’ve seen some pretty interesting examples of how folks are using the Second Life platforms to create what are basically 3D live action role-play scenarios. Granted these […]

Saying Goodby

So this past week I did finally say goodbye to my LotRO Guild Smaug’s Legacy. If you’re on Landroval and you’re looking for a guild, talk to Dragco. I had a lot of fun in LotRO, the people on the Landroval server are absolutely amazing. In fact if it weren’t for the people on that […]

Blizzard LOL

see more Lol Celebs Yep even Arthas can be funny.