Building Games Around Disabilities

Image by: Ilya Pavlov @ilyapavlov Courtesy of One of the fun folks on my Discord let me watch a game currently in development I can do a write up on it later if anyone is curious but that’s not the point of this post. The game does look solid enough for an alpha and […]

The Ladys Necklace an Example of an Excellent Quest

I have to say that my favorite WoW quest is “The Lady’s Necklace”. It’s a very low level drop quest in the Ghostlands (post Burning Crusade). What grips me about this quest is really the story of the destruction that occurred to the Blood Elf lands and the tragic story of the Dark Lady of […]

BYOG: More Research

I’m still really interested in the concept of a dynamic gaming platform that would allow you to build your own game. After spending some time in Second Life I’ve seen some pretty interesting examples of how folks are using the Second Life platforms to create what are basically 3D live action role-play scenarios. Granted these […]