GW2: Elite Name on Elite Specializations Misleads Players

OK now before you flame me, here’s the TLDR: They should be called Sub Class Specializations NOT Elite Specializations. Here’s my reasoning: They change the way you play a class that you have, giving it more of a sub class feel. They are not MORE powerful or more difficult to play in any way than […]

Kickstarter – Invest Like a Boss

We all know that games need money. Start up games are no exception. Sometimes they get cash from private investors, sometimes they get cash from publishers. Sometimes they crowd-fund cash through projects like Kickstarter. Crowd-funding through companies like Kickstarter lets average gamers like you and me pledge cash to a game project. Kickstarter helps a […]

Quick Look at the Hero Engine 2

So here we see The Repopulation on the Hero Engine 2. The big deal about the Hero Engine 2 is a large update to the graphics engine. The Repopulation looked good under Hero Engine 1 as far as I was concerned. The pre-alpha videos displayed graphics that were similar to those found in Fallen Earth, […]

Sandbox Game or Emergent Gameplay

If you look at the MMORPG forums, SANDBOX is all the buzz. Whether you love them or loath them, Developers are turning their eyes toward Sandbox game development. Why? Because it’s much more cost effective than trying to cycle through content that players will plow through in a matter of hours. Instead of looking to […]