FreeRealms: Life on the Live Side

FreeRealms has been live since Tuesday and I've been having a blast! This is a great game for folks who don't have a ton of time to spare and just want a little something different to do for a bit. I've been working over at Allakazam's new FreeRealms Wiki (Link). The team there and fellow […]

SOE Delivers Free Realms with Minutes to Spare

Free Realms was released last night just before midnight. Hehe, of course not soon enough to stop the epic launch thread in the beta testers forum that ended up growing to over 100 + pages as Twitter updates from SOE were posted into the forum and of course random nested quotes supplied the much needed […]

The Waiting is the Hardest Part…

Yep waiting for launch that is. It won't be a long wait, well except for the fact that I'll be at work for the bulk of it, hehe. The last word from the Free Realms Community Manager Pex was that they were shooting for mid to late morning for the release. Then again as some […]

Waiting for Launch, Cooking up a Video

With a little extra time on my hands (waiting for Free Realms to go live), I figured, hey let's find some stuff to do. I manged to get a guide started over at the Free Realms Wiki on Zam (Link). I think I'd rather post up some guides over there than work at them here […]