Moogle Treasure Trove and Patch 5.5 Announcement

It’s that time again! Time to hear the Moogle’s call and do rush through dungeons for Irregular Tomestones! I have no idea what they are but there’s this little Moogle dude that takes them from you and gives you cool stuff. What kind? Well mounts, glamours, even riding maps to make your Chocobo go that […]

FF14: White Mage-ing

As of right now I’m all in Final Fantasy 14 and well, yeah I’m pretty busy with it. It’s a game that has A LOT to do and I really only have time for about half of it, but I try.  I have managed to complete the main story and get the Scholar/Summoner up to […]

FF14 Busy At Everything and Nothing

I have been super busy in Final Fantasy 14 as of late. I did try to get into World of Warcraft Shadowlands and it is great. But it’s great for World of Warcraft. I really have a hard time comparing it to the content found in Final Fantasy 14.  Story aside just some of the […]

MMO’s When You’re Strange

I do have some issues with games that keep me out of them sometimes. Tonight is no exception since I’ve been pushing myself this week to get stuff done. Now that it’s the weekend I’m not just exhausted from work but also looking at everything in life that’s piled up in the meantime. Since I’ve […]