WoW Night At Brewfest

It’s September in World of Warcraft and every WoW veteran knows that that means! Ok well besides usually waiting for new content it’s also time for BREWFEST! That odd drinking festival where both the Horde and Alliance focus on ale and sausage for a week straight. It’s also add another mount/goodie grind in tokens as […]

Gratz to Azmim

I also wanted to post a quick congratulations for Azmim. Over the weekend she hit 30 with little to no assistance from me whatsoever. I’m very impressed that she is leveling so swiftly as a new play to the game and a Priest to boot! We’ve put her on her very first mount and she […]

The Family that Slays Together

Has a really good freakin' time together. Recently my Mum and my brother have started playing WOW too. I've enjoyed it. We all live in different parts of the country so this is a good way for us to keep in touch and spend time together. My Mum has really taken to the game. It's […]