MMO Baggage: Encumbrance Vs Inventory

Inventory managment has always been an issue for me and I despise it in every game except for Warframe. For some reason this is the only game I’m playing at the moment that just has one big pot for all of the craftables and ‘stuff’. Warframe does charge for arsenal unlocks, but to be fair, […]

Fallen Earth: Public Test Server Going Live

Yeah buddy, the Fallen Earth PTS (Public Test Server) is coming back. I’m kind of excited about this since it means testing out the new faction control areas and the world events. Hopefully I’ll have some time to jump into it. It’s due to go live Wednesday (11/15). Check out the G1 webby here to […]

Fallen Earth: Patch 2.1 Live and the PTS Returns

OK if you want you can check out the patch notes for 2.1 here. 2.1 is mostly bug and bonus fixing with a couple of coolness features here and there. 3 BIG items Progress towns won’t lose buildings via server restart. Geology and Nature kits are no longer required (that clears up some room in […]

A Little Fallen Earth A Little World of Warcraft

Figured I’d put up a little post on what I’m up to. I’m still spending most of my game time in Fallen Earth. That’s not going to change (even changed out for a year sub). Thing is I also picked up WoW again to run around with Moms. Yes I play World of Warcraft with […]

Fallen Earth: Stable Server and Lots of Playtime

On October 20th the FE team released a server side patch that, so far, has stabilized the server. For the last few days the game hasn’t totally crashed out. A lot of the low level areas are still pretty laggy with all of the new blood, but they’re not crashing. That’s a plus. At this […]

Fallen Earth: So Many Noobs

The rampant influx of new players is still clogging up the Fallen Earth servers. Sadly it’s a case of success killing a game. Boneclaw and Embry keep dying. Not surprising. Boneclaw is the most popular noob zone and once folks are done in either the crafting or support noob towns they pretty much get sent […]

Fallen Earth: Servers Up

Good news is that FE is back up for the time being. So far the servers seem stable with standard lag. The team has posted info on the nature of the server issues on this thread. It looks like some database issues coupled with some server issues has given G1 some sleepless night getting Fallen […]

Fallen Earth: Server Issues

Right now I’m kinda bummed about the game. It plays just fine. I love the Commander Aura, I love the Commander crafting kit, and I love the fact that crafting goes so much faster under the Commander package. Sadly though I can’t even get into the game right now. That’s bumming me the crap out. […]

Fallen Earth: Checking F2P Blog and Waiting on Servers

So yep we are on Day 1 of Fallen Earth Free to Play. Sadly we’re all still waiting for the servers to go live. Well as one blogger put it, when you can’t play, blog. Hey don’t look at me like that, I’m not the only one doing it. The Fallen Earth F2P Dev bloggie […]

Fallen Earth: Patch 2.0 Free to Play

Well today Patch 2.0 lands and Fallen Earth goes Free to Play. Veteran players can expect in game mail of the Chopper I posted about yesterday. Keep in mind it’s one per account so guess what? Choose the toon that gets it carefully. The FE website says the game will be down at 9am 10-12 […]