MMO’s When You’re Strange

I do have some issues with games that keep me out of them sometimes. Tonight is no exception since I’ve been pushing myself this week to get stuff done. Now that it’s the weekend I’m not just exhausted from work but also looking at everything in life that’s piled up in the meantime. Since I’ve […]

What To Play Now?

So yeah. What to play now? Elder Scrolls Online Despite my lack of blog content, I have been playing ESO on and off again since at least a year before Summerset hit. Even as the slacker I am, I managed to accomplish quite a bit in the few years I played ESO. I know, I […]

ESO – Going Elsweyr

Yep, I’m still lurking in ESO. Something about Elder Scrolls definitely has me captivated. Magic, mystery, and a big fuzzy bear, what’s not to love right? Yes I’m also still rolling Warden. I’m not sure how long that’ll be the case, it really depends on what the new class coming with the upcoming Elsweyr expansion […]

Looking at Three Games and Loving It

Yep! 3! Warframe is looking to round out my set of games at the moment coming in at a whopping three which is a big deal for me since I usually only stick to one MMO at a time, play the hell out of it, get so mind numbingly bored with it that I want […]

Back in Black Hitting Living Story 4 in GW2

So Vinny and I are hitting up the GW2 Season 4 Living Story. Yes I’m late, I’ve been kind of busy grinding achievements in ESO and building amazing houses just to have you know. Worst part is that I feel better about life when I’m slacking than when I’m walking around with a shiny title, […]

Happy Halloween MMO Style

It’s my favorite time of year again! Halloween! Which is probably evident since one of my first posts about 10 years ago was just before Halloween and I pretty much cover Halloween events in any game I’m tooling around in when that time of year comes around again. So much spook, so much fun! This year […]

ESO Fun Times

Well me and CrankyB have been pretty busy over the last few months with life and gaming. Really busy. BUT I’m looking forward to getting in some holiday fun time and slowly working on the new ESO Indrik mount. We’ve also been hanging out with a pretty eccentric group over the last few months. It’s been […]

Elder Scrolls Online ESO: Exploring One Tamriel and Morrowind

The legendary RPG series that is the Elder Scrolls is really something to behold. I’ve only played Elder Scrolls Online. I tried it a bit after launch, but it didn’t inspire me to want to keep subbing. It wasn’t a bad game, but it needed some time to mature. Since ESO has been out for […]