Death Knight: Dual Wielding DPS Specs

**Note**  WoW has changed a lot since January 2008, Check the Elitist Jerks DK forum and Skeleton Jack blog posts for the latest info on Dual Wielding DK specs. ********************************************************************************************** Ok so I’m still reading up on Dual Wielding Death Knights. Sure the general consensus is that they’re an abomination to the the lore and […]

Death Knight Dual Wielding – More notes to come

I have been Dual Wielding exclusively for a few levels now. So far I haven’t noticed any performance drops. I did however spoil a talent point on the Ghoul. I’m not a huge fan of minion pets. I’ve played a Warlock here and there and for the most part the minion pets have ‘short bus’ […]

Dual Wielding Pause

Sorry for the pause but I’ve kind of been fuming for the last couple of days. I’ve got to put a pause Dual Wielding for a bit until I can get my hands on that axe. It’s complicated and I’ll explain it later on for folks that are interested. The short of it is that […]