WoW Macros and Dual Boxing

Okee Dokee so as promised here’s a little work up of my Dual Boxing experience so far and the Macros I’m using to make it happen. First off, the pic to the left here is my set up. I went with a dual hardware approach. Evidently you can run two WoW accounts on the same […]

Coming Up: Shaman Update and Some Macro Goodness

I wanted to write a post this evening, but I've been a little side tracked as of late. I've had to set up some macros to help me manage the Shammy Twins and I figure I should post them here so that I can remember what they were when I have to blow out my […]

Shaman Update: the Twins hit 30

Finally! Ok well they actually hit 30 last night as I ran behind Blackluna (a Death Knight in and Talta, while dodging baddies in the Scarlet Monastery. I’ve had a little practice in this arena now so I’m getting the hang of it. The twins have also completed and received their Air Totem (where the […]

Putting Some More Levels on the Shammys

Ok so the Shammy twins on Rexxar went from 21 to 24 tonight. I could have pushed them a few more levels if I’d have quested a little more efficiently. In reality though I did pick up a few flight paths so that should make questing in the future that much faster. I’m almost thinking […]

Shammys in The Stockades and Death Knight’s in Zul’Farrak

Personally I love to instance. I haven’t always loved it though, it’s something that’s slowly grown on me. It takes some time to get comfortable enough with your class to successfully survive instances. Some of it I think is also situational awareness. Instances throw a lot of things at you at once and sometimes it […]

Shaman Update: Water Totem, Ghost Wolf, and level 21

One of the coolest parts about being a Shaman is the Ghost Wolf form. It’s a spell that Shaman can cast that increases their travel speed by 40%. Sure it doesn’t seem like much when compared to say the 100% of the epic mount (and I don’t even want to think about how much faster […]

Shaman Update: Hitting 15

Oy yeah I know, whoopie, 15, wow. That's a level I'd be embarrassed to announce in Guild chat. >.< But hey it's closer to 80 than they were 15 levels ago so I'll take it. I should be going a lot faster, but I'm also taking time out to chat a bit in the guild […]