WoW Update: Free Weekend Fun

Getting G’Hanir WoW Legion Content While EvE has it’s Halloween event still going strong for a few more days, all of us are hanging out in other games. Since WoW is currently offering a Welcome Back Weekend, I convinced Vinny to log in and help me out with some quests. He may or may not […]

WoW Tracking One More Down

Just quickly noting that one more achievement is knocked off the list to get my Legion Druid Flight form. Just 7 more to go.

The Experiment Continues Druid vs Shaman

Tonight wasn’t a power leveling night, mostly because I needed a little rest and relaxation time. Real life work and stress tends to compound on me every once in a while. I’m not a huge fan of it but you know, it happens. So I spent a little time tonight completing the Water Totem quest […]

Update: Druid hits 24 and Shaman hits 22

So far my dual healer experiment is going well. Tanzengeist is already heading out for her water totem quest and Shiftigeist already has Cat form. Some things I need to make notes on are weapons training for these two classes. I did get Tanzengeist trained up on a few weapons while in Exodar, but ended […]

The Experiment: Druid if you do and Shaman if you Don’t

Yeah I think I need to have my head examined. TWO HEALERS. /oy. So I’d hit a wall with my Rogue and I was wondering if it was because I’d just become burnt out on the class or if there was more to it then that. You know the usual…. Right? So yesterday the experiment […]