Diablo 3 – Two Monks Making Trouble

So for the lols CrankyB and I made two Monks. You put two Monks together and oh man it’s just nuts how much damage they can do. We were able to breeze through most encounters. So far we’re about halfway through Act 1 (again heh) and only on regular mode. We’ve made it past the […]

Diablo 3 – Nightmare Mode Unlocked

I can’t believe it but we did it. Mea and CrankyB completed all four acts of Diablo 3 and we’re working on Nightmare mode. I loved the story. Yeah based on the lore there’s some parts of it that you’re like “OK, I know what’s going to happen now”, BUT, there’s some twists and turns […]

Diablo 3 – Multiplayer Fun

Lately the Diablo 3 server issues have been a right pain in the ass. Everyone’s experienced it, and no one is much of a fan of getting booted out of a game right when it’s getting good. It’s like getting stone walled right when you’re trying to get it on. No bueno. Even with that […]

Diablo 3 – Played

I downloaded, I authenticated, and I played Diablo 3 *queue evil laughter*. The most interesting part is that I ACTUALLY enjoyed it. Granted I didn’t get through much of the first act before I was booted from the server. *grumble mutter bitch whine moans* It’s a lot like what I remember from watching friends play […]