Comic: There Can Be Only One (Rogue vs Death Knight)

This has been in my head for a couple of days now and I finally just took the time to get it out. It’s just a tribute to my Rogue vs Death Knight decision. Granted, leveling is a pain, but (heh) it still rocks to roll Rogue. Unfortunately I don’t really have time/energy for a […]

A Little Secret

I have a secret. Nah it’s not one of those really good ones that makes folks run to post on a forum. It’s not even one of those sort of blah ones you hear old ladies discussing, at great length, while in line at the DMV. My secret is that I love comics. I read […]

Making up my Minds

Picture a crossroads. On one leg there’s a promising server, there’s still a bunch of pretty silly folks, but there’s also a few gem players that make the server stand out. On another leg there’s a Priest, a lot of time and effort has gone into getting that priest to her current level, all she […]