BDO: The Renegades

Despite some run ins with another guild in game we’re plugging along. The end game in BDO can be pretty harsh. It either means investing a lot of time and money to get geared up quick or taking your time to get what you need in pieces slowly. Sometimes painfully slow, but patience helps. When you’re […]

BDO: When it All Comes Together

At the moment things are coming together in BDO. Well aside from the fact that I really need to put some more levels on the Witch, but I’ll get to it. She’s sitting at 51 and I’m working on getting her geared up. At the moment she has pretty much what she needs, I just […]

BDO: Breeding Journal 1 The Beginning

My first two horses bred were level 19 grey tier ones. I based that off of the horse breeding calculator found here. Including my first tame Spooky. It’s not much but it is a start. If you are interested in breeding at all take a look at the breeding calculator and Brank’s videos on horse […]

BDO: Taming and Breeding

Say hello to Aurthur. He is the product of my first attempt at breeding horses. I can tell you that it was very successful. Aurthur is a tier 3 male with a pretty decent set of stats. I bred him from two tier 1 parents which was quite nice. I was hoping for a female […]