July 24 2009

Blog Blarg: Oops…

Heh, I kind of forgot to mention that this new blog format does have a funky system for comments, but that’s part of the reason I made the switch.

So when folks comment for the first time (or at least what the blog thinks is the first time) it holds the comment for moderation. This makes it a little easier for me to block the folks that are posting links to their spam website but leaving comments like “oh thank you, I’ve been looking for this information for my thesis”. Right, lemme guess, you’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona for me too?

I just wanna let folks know that once they’ve posted and I’ve approved the comment, anything else they post is going right onto the post. Sorry about the mix up, especially to H00Ligan, *hugs*

July 17 2009

On Blogging: Filtering Comment Spam

I like using my current blogging platform Blogengine.net because, well, the little coding experience I have is mostly in the .net coding languages. Lately though I’ve been seeing a bunch of comments on my old posts that are really just folks posting “comments” to try to get free link backs to their websites.

Here’s the thing, I don’t have any form of advertisement on my site. At this point it’s 100% non commercial and pretty much just serves as my own little web programming sandbox.This site doesn’t get a lot of hits and yeah, I don’t actively advertise it (aside from adding the site to a couple of places just to see how they worked).

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March 16 2009

Blogging, the Maddening Hobby

So today I saw there were some updates to BlogEngine.net (which is the underlying blog publishing engine of Creeping… here) so I decided, hey, let's load 'em up.

And I blew out my blog… AGAIN…

I really need to stop experimenting with my blog. It really just ends up costing me a whole bunch of time that I really don't have.

Safe to say this means that there was no leveling tonight and also no more work on the guild front. This of course really makes me cranky because there was stuff I wanted to post to the new guild site, there was stuff I wanted to do for work (yeah I work after hours) and other stuff. What did I end up doing? Rezzing my blog.

Safe to say I've learned a few fun lessons about SQL server and IIS that I'll be taking note of for future reference. Honestly I should probably just migrate over to WordPress, but hey, there's a lot about BlogEngine.net that I like. Ok the fact that my comments don't work and it's about as sassy a dude with Main Tank Syndrome, I can slap in new pages from Windows Live Writer, I've finally set it up so that It'll display videos, and I've finally got a twitter panel!

My god… this is what blogging will do to you. Run, run now while you still can!!

No seriously, there's something nice about being able to finally publish some of my writing. I don't receive a lot of press about it. You won't see Creeping featured in WoWInsider or even on one of the technobable blogs. Nope for the most part I blog because its a safe and sane way to get some serious venting on when I need to, and since I have the mind of a steel colander, it's a great way for me to keep notes about specs or just about how I tweaked that one thing that one time… You get the picture.

Now hopefully over the course of the week I'll be able to get some posts in about my new guild Ghost Walkers and about working on my Death Knight. I'm looking forward to helping some friends work on some new toons. Azmim even re-rolled as an Undead Mage recently so I'm looking forward to trailing behind her with Tanzengeist and keeping her alive. Hey, keeping Mages alive can be a challenging and rewarding past time. At least it has been so far. While that will mean less time spent on leveling my Death Knight, honestly, I'd rather spend my time combing the Barrens with friends than questing Solo or begging for group spots so close to the top of the food chain. Maybe it'll be different once I've spent some more time back on Uldum, and I run into folks I'd met before my exodus.

Wish me luck as I'm off to find something else to destroy just by looking at it. Seriously, I'm about two steps away from calling myself Medusa.


January 16 2009

Blog Blaarg: Analyzing the Blogshpere with BlogScope?

I was checking out my Feedburner stats (via the Feedburner dashboard), and I noticed that my blog's feed was getting pings from as site called BlogScope. Well I checked it out and evidently it's a project by the Computer Science department of the University of Toronto (Canada). It scans web blogs and anylizes the post content. Once scanned this application can evidently display word clouds based on blog posts (like the one I added in the side bar). But that's just one small part of this application. It evidently can also anylize the popularity of words across all blogs and chart timelines of word usage. While I need to do a little more reading up on it (and testing it out of course), it looks like a promising application. Just thought I'd post a quick blurb about it since it looks pretty interesting.

January 10 2009

Blog Blaarg: Making a few changes

Ok, so hopefully you haven’t noticed that I’ve moved my blog. It really only moved from a folder into the main site. I had originally intended to do more work at the main site, but it’s about time that I let go some of the things I’d like to do to the miriad of things that I HAVE to do, so that I actually have time for the things that I want to do. Yeah I know it barely makes any sense to me and I’m living here. heh

So basically I just had my hosting provider uninstall and reinstall my Blogengine.Net files and database (after I made a full copy of everything and exported my blog posts, whew yeah back ups are good). I also set up redirect pages in the old directories so that folks with links to those pages will be automatically re-directed to the new locations for those pages. Also since I’ve set up my rss feeds through Feedburner, the rss url for my site should still be the same, I just tweaked the blog URL at the Feedburner site. Ah modern technology is fabulous.

So far I’ve only noticed two victims of the move, my tag cloud (for some reason the tags didn’t make it through the export/import process) and my About Me page. Heh,who really wants to know anything about me anyway? (and I laughed for about an hour)

I also had to go back through all of my posts and edit my image urls. /oy Yeah that took some time, but it’s worth it. I love having images in my posts.

Why move the blog? Well some parts of Blogengine.Net are coded to work directly from the main site files (the root). I’d originally installed Blogengine.Net in a side folder. It worked just fine for the most part but every once in a while I’d install an extension that would blow out my comments or other such fun things and for the most part the cause could be traced back to the fact that the coding was looking in the wrong place for the next step (it was looking in the main directory instead of the files where everything had been installed). That and having two different themes on my site was driving me nuts. It just doesn’t look good…. ever.

So with all that said and done I’m also working on some other ideas that’d make it easier for me to get some more blogging in. Currently working on getting Auslander to 80 is my primary objective. That’s taking up quite a bit of time. She’s burning through levels like a pirate burns through coin on shore leave (ok maybe not that fast) but it’s still a bit of a grind. With this in mind I just need to set up my laptop to do some blogging on the go so that I get some blogging in.

Once I get that set up I’ll tell you how it’s going.

Oh, and I decided to go with a new theme, for the most part this gray theme doesn’t overwhelm the content. It also takes advantage of the Blogengine.Net widgets, which means less time I have to spend adding extensions and working with the underlying page code to display things like, oh, recent posts or comments. “wewt’

I’m not making these changes so that my blog is set up for ads or marketing, but mostly so that it’s easier to read, easier to get to, and (most importantly for the geek in me) easier to dink with. Muah ha ha ha. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with folks making some coin via blogging, I mean for a really dedicated blogger it’s basically a part time job in it’s self. If the blog helps folks out and the person writing it has spent a lot of time and energy researching, testing and writing, then they’ve earned some compensation for that. For me though this is something that serves as a secondary memory (my memory works great for technology and trivia, everything else gets eaten by the dust bunnies). I like to keep track of the resources that help me out, as well as write down some of the fun adventures that I have here and there, and you know, wherever. I’m hoping that the changes haven’t disrupted things too much and I’m looking forward to doing more with the site!

December 23 2008

Creep Gets Tagged?

So I need to thank Faradhim of Doctors of Philosophy (post
) and Psychonia of My Life as a Cartoon (post Link) for posting about well my little blog thing here.

In fact Faradhim posted the first comment to my blog, back during the long queue times just after the release of WOTLK.

So in going with the rounds I’ll add my top 5 that I don’t think have been hit yet, but no promises (I’m usually the last to know …insert giggles here….):

Hudson & Hicks at Hudson’s Hideout

Aurdon at I Sheep Things

Drotara at Less QQ, More Pew Pew

TyphoonAndrew’s Eye of the Storm

Merlot at Misery – a shadow priest blog

There’s more fun stuff I need to post about and I’m working on those posts now. Thanks to those who make their way here, I hope you leave with what you’re looking for or at least a good laugh.


December 17 2008

Blog Blaarg Part Deux (2): Comments Back Online, Creep Sheepish

see more pwn and owned pictures

You know, I’ve always thought that a picture is worth a thousand words. And OH this is one of those times. So in my dabbling ignorance I started tweaking with the BlogEngine.Net App_Code & User Controls folders. I’ll have to figure out just what exactly I did, but safe to say that I probably deleted something that I shouldn’t have. How did I fix the blow out? Well I figured the best thing to do would be to download the BlogEngine.Net source code from (there’s a link to the downloads here –> Link). Then I booted up FireFTP and replaced my edited files with the original files.

I was actually trying to adjust the formatting, and somehow I must have blown something out. Embarrassed, you bet I am. But really I’m happy that it’s fixed. I also found a bunch of new templates for BlogEngine.Net on their CodePlex site. (Insert joyful squeal here). I LOVE templates. I love dinking around with the way a site looks so I’m excited to check these out. For now I’m really happy that I had a chance to get the comments working.

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December 17 2008

Blog Blaarg: Comments Temporarily Disabled, Creep Strikes Again

So yeppers, I’ve been dinking around with my site working on readability and so on. Somehow I managed to break my comments. I’m working on repairing that, but I’ve disabled it for now until I’ve got everything squared away. In the mean time feel free to use the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the page. This sends me messages. It’s still working just fine (w00t). Thanks for the messages letting me know that this function is down.

By the way, it’s also a snowy day in Seattle so all kinds of things are going on!

December 15 2008

Site Changes and Blogging Resources

OK so I did a little research on, well, blogging. It’s something that I’m doing so I should probably have a clue right? (Insert ‘Ooops’ here). So blogging is nothing new. I’m sure that even a lot of my readers either have blogs or have tried their hand at the task once or twice. It’s the same for me, this is far from being my first blog, but I have to say
that this is my most prolific blog. I’ve really enjoyed working on both the site and its content. If nothing else having pretty ‘granular’ (otherwise called super detailed) control over the site has made a huge difference in just HOW much interest I have in the site.

I have a big problem with being excessively curious. I’m one of those people that would push an ‘End of the World’ button before they’d have a chance to throw out a ‘Do not Touch’ sign. OK, while I wouldn’t recommend my ‘Trial and Error’ methodology, I’ve gotta say it works for me. After you’ve nuked a few things you learn how to fix them up, AND you learn how important it is to make a back up before… Oh, heh, I’ll have to remember to do that next time.

So just where am I rambling off to? Well at the end of the post I’ll link up a couple of informative articles on blogging and I wanted to point out some things I’m doing with my blog to improve it a tad.

General Blogging Tips

What are the pros doing? I’m always floored when I listen to WoW vets talking about who they asked to get a good strategy for a nasty boss fight. Sometimes it helps to learn from others. I take a look at the blogs that are doing. I don’t compare the content or the writing style, (that’s gotta be all me). I do take a look at the tools bloggers use to make it easier for readers to use their site. I also look for things the author does to encourage readers.

Making it Easier for Readers

Feeds – I’ve always been a big fan of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds. Basically it’s just a beefy text file with blog posts in. Really they’re just set up so that machines can read them and so that machines can make it easy for people to read them. RSS feeds make it easier for people to read blogs without actually having to navigate out to visit the blog. It also makes it easier for phones and such to take a look at the content without having to download the rest of the blog (which can take freakin’ forever).

Post Lists – Another handy tool I see a lot are ‘Top Posts’ lists and ‘Recent Posts’ lists. These can make it easier for the reader to get right to the info they want to see. Always golden.

Site Links – A list of blog’s page lists helps the reader get to what they want to see. I’ve also noticed that folks who’ve written up guides have a set of links to those guides even if they’re set up as blog posts. After all, chances are that’s what folks are coming to see.

Page Loading – This one is kind of annoying. Everyone has
been to a site that takes forever to load because there’s either a ton of content or it’s got a ton of pictures. Honestly I love sites that have a ton of pictures, but it kind of erks me to have to load ‘em all at once. It’s like when you get the 20,000 baby pictures via e-mail (/sigh) cute but yeah, takes time. My site is a little more intense too because the new lists are all reading from my blog and throwing up the lists (not literally throwing up
though I hope). So I cut back on the number of posts on the front page and now the site loads a lot faster.

Encouraging Readers

Contact ME – Now I’m totally guilty of this one. Sometimes folks don’t want to leave a comment. I’ve been there too and understand. While there is a contact form built into my blogging tool, I didn’t have an e-mail
address link anywhere. For the most part it’s just to prevent spam, but it’s
also discouraging to readers, not golden.

Top Commenters – Here’s another handy list that shows who’s actually been leaving comments on your blog. The more readers comment, the
higher they appear on the list. I took a look at just adding a ‘Recent Comments’ list, but it just seemed a bit cluttered. Whichever way you go is totally cool, but either way shows your readers that you’re totally stoked with actually getting comments. Seriously it makes my day.

Future Notes

There’s a bunch of other stuff I want to do with my blog and my site. I’m sure there’s even more stuff I haven’t even thought of yet. But for now I wanted to comment on what I’m doing so that maybe it’ll help other folks out too. You never know right?

Blogging Links:

How to Write a Successful Blog: Link

9 Lessons for would be Bloggers: Link

Twenty Usability Tips for Your Blog: Link

Blogengine.Net Tools:

Blogengine.Net is the program that actually makes my blog work. It’s built by volunteers who spend their spare time coming up with new and brilliant ways to make Blogengine.Net cooler. To give credit where it’s due here’s the tools I’m using for my blog.

Top Commenters: Link – this is the tool that builds the ‘Top Commenters’ list found in the sidebar of my blog.

Top Posts: Link – this tool builds the ‘Top Posts’ list in my blog sidebar.