Blog Blarg: Oops…

Heh, I kind of forgot to mention that this new blog format does have a funky system for comments, but that’s part of the reason I made the switch. So when folks comment for the first time (or at least what the blog thinks is the first time) it holds the comment for moderation. This […]

Back in Business

The blog is back up and running. It took a bit to get everything up and running, but meh it’s done. There’s still some things I have to get back up, and they’re coming. Aside from that I’m hoping to get some posting in.

On Blogging: Filtering Comment Spam

I like using my current blogging platform because, well, the little coding experience I have is mostly in the .net coding languages. Lately though I’ve been seeing a bunch of comments on my old posts that are really just folks posting “comments” to try to get free link backs to their websites. Here’s the […]

Blogging, the Maddening Hobby

So today I saw there were some updates to (which is the underlying blog publishing engine of Creeping… here) so I decided, hey, let's load 'em up. And I blew out my blog… AGAIN… I really need to stop experimenting with my blog. It really just ends up costing me a whole bunch of […]

Blog Blaarg: Analyzing the Blogshpere with BlogScope?

I was checking out my Feedburner stats (via the Feedburner dashboard), and I noticed that my blog's feed was getting pings from as site called BlogScope. Well I checked it out and evidently it's a project by the Computer Science department of the University of Toronto (Canada). It scans web blogs and anylizes the post […]

Blog Blaarg: Making a few changes

Ok, so hopefully you haven’t noticed that I’ve moved my blog. It really only moved from a folder into the main site. I had originally intended to do more work at the main site, but it’s about time that I let go some of the things I’d like to do to the miriad of things […]

Creep Gets Tagged?

So I need to thank Faradhim of Doctors of Philosophy (post Link) and Psychonia of My Life as a Cartoon (post Link) for posting about well my little blog thing here. In fact Faradhim posted the first comment to my blog, back during the long queue times just after the release of WOTLK. So in […]

Blog Blaarg Part Deux (2): Comments Back Online, Creep Sheepish

see more pwn and owned pictures You know, I’ve always thought that a picture is worth a thousand words. And OH this is one of those times. So in my dabbling ignorance I started tweaking with the BlogEngine.Net App_Code & User Controls folders. I’ll have to figure out just what exactly I did, but safe […]

Blog Blaarg: Comments Temporarily Disabled, Creep Strikes Again

So yeppers, I’ve been dinking around with my site working on readability and so on. Somehow I managed to break my comments. I’m working on repairing that, but I’ve disabled it for now until I’ve got everything squared away. In the mean time feel free to use the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the […]