I logged back into Black Desert Online yesterday to try the Witch Awakening and I love it. Now I have to decide if I want to add BDO back to the list of games I want to play. I just finished the Season in Diablo III with CrankyB and that was a blast. We’re playing Neocron 2 […]

BDO: Trying Farming

 I have to say that I don’t think I can swing the Calpheon Crate business. It’s a bit too much chopping for my taste. I usually ended up with piles of wood and undelivered crates. Pretty typical for me I know right? I’ decided to change direction instead of continuing to do something that was […]

BDO: Life Skill Grind

That’s me in the corner, chop, chop, choppin’ away. Yep I’m wasting materials leveling Life Skills on my Sorc. Good news is I wasn’t too far along on my other chars and well, I just feel downright comfortable running around on Blackheart here. My Life Skill took a huge hit in productivity this week as […]

BDO – Halfway to 56 and Gearing up for Alchemy

 At the moment I’m enjoying the pre-awakened Sorceress quite a bit. It’s also been pretty handy since I do a bit of off tanking for guild mates when we’re out getting some group grinding on. It sounds naughtier than it really is sadly. Also I plan on taking up a bit of Alchemy. I need […]

BDO: Changes to Exchange Items

BDO has been working on several quality of life changes in the game for some time now. One of my guildies noticed this morning that there’s been changes made to grind spot exchange items. It looks like this one kind of came in under the radar with changes to the exchange loot system. Not all exchange […]

BDO: 50 PvP Cap a Boon to Life Skillers

This was my original life skill toon Tamagachi. I had to stop playing her for anything but horse leveling to keep her under the PvP cap. Previously, whether you wanted to PvP or not, you were forced into it in BDO because the NA/EU version lowered the PvP cap to 45. Now with people hitting […]

BDO: Waiting out Maintenance

It’s another maintenance day and this one is a long one. Six hours of downtime. This patch will add a Thanksgiving event and I’ll probably make a few notes on that when they’re posted. Until then it’s time to sit back and wait for the servers to go live again. In the mean time I […]

BDO: Still Trading and Crazy Seasons

Over the course of the weekend, BDO went from winter holiday goodness strait to spring. I can’t say I’m complaining the tulips are pretty and the cherry trees were grand. I do miss the snow and the snow men. I’m not sure what happened to the seasonal content but it could have been anything really. […]

BDO: The New World

So big news in the world of Black Desert Online. Server merges are coming by the end of November. Check out more on it here. Looks like some of the servers were feeling a bit under represented so now they’re being combined into mega servers with 36 channels total. This could become a problem for […]

BDO: Winter is Here

While I did slack on getting some good screen shots of the fall trees, here’s some winter screenies. Some snow in Trent and the Christmas Tree in Calpheon. There is an event going on now so you might want to be logged in at least 3 hours a day to pick up a goody box […]