GW2: Beta Bait and Switch

Here I am, out of semi-retirement otherwise known as hating my hosting provider to gripe about the new Guild Wars 2 (GW2) expansion Heart of Thorns (HoT). Well not all of it, just one tiny aspect that I had been SERIOUSLY looking forward to. Which part? The elite specializations. Now to tie in the title, […]

WTF-Back Online

So after another absence I’m back to waste some game time. Though it was once said those who can’t game blog, I seem to have the reverse issue, I’ve got nothing to say unless I can pop online. Now I’m back bitches, or I’m back to bitch, or to be one, who cares really. Right […]

Done With Fantasy

Here’s where I’ve been lately: World of Warcraft Allods Online – (closed beta) Alganon – (closed and open beta) Chronicles of Spellborn WoW So in WoW I did manage to get Geistig the Paladin up to 70. Around about there I just started to fizzle out. Partially because I still hate the Alliance, partially because […]

Alganon – Low on Hype, Big on Potential

I was checking out Alganon today, and wow, it looks interesting. If nothing else here’s a game that caters to more than the PvP or Achiever gamer personalities. I’ll have to check it out and see what it looks like at release, to be sure. Alganon is currently in beta and is currently set for […]

More Beta?

Signed up for the Star Wars Old Republic Beta. Guess we’ll have to see if tye’ll accept my modest application. I’d almost be willing to bet that they pass over me for a cranky dude gamer. Meh.