Allods Online Open Beta – Not Touching it

“Wait what? Did she just say that she’s not going to play Allods?!?! But everyone’s playing Allods! Allods is the coolest! Everyone wants to play Allods! And didn’t you um, test it in the closed beta and stuff?” Yes, I’m sure Allods Online is the best Free to Play since Runes of Magic, but I’m […]

Allods Online Closed Beta 3 US Version Tomorrow

Yep the US Version of Allods Online will be hosting beta #3 tomorrow. The next phase of beta starts Dec 29 and goes through Jan 11. The level cap for this segment of the closed beta is 30.

Allods Online: Links to Guides

Perusing the Allods Online US forums I did find a handy list of guides for those interested and I wanted to make sure I left a link of that here. Allods Online: A Helpful Compilation of Guides by betatester100 (Link) At this time the guide does include two handy links to Paladin Tanking guides. Hopefully […]

Allods Online Basics: Post Update

OK so due to some of the searches that my site has been pinged with, I wanted to make sure that I updated my post “Allods Online: Some Basics” (Link). I’m kinda leery of adding info about the talent trees etc just yet since well, the game is still in beta. Since this is something […]

Allods Online Blooper

Well I made a mistake and somehow posted that Allods Online had a working budget of 1.2 million instead of 12 million.  *headdesk* Wow now there’s a typo worth getting roasted over. Regardless, Allods Online did have a working budget of 12 Million dollars or at least the US equivalent and has been in production […]

Allods Online: Some Basics

Ok so it looks like some folks have questions about Allods Online and my site is coming up in searches. I figure I should leave a post that answers what I can answer and leave it at that. Keep in mind this is pretty basic information but it come from the Allods Online European site […]

Allods Online: BETA 2 Quicky

Allods Online is now in the second phase of closed beta testing. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is that they tweaked how long it takes to bring down a mob and how quickly you gain experience. I’ve also noticed that I’m accumulating a lot more ‘fatigue’ when out and about and it’s quite […]

Done With Fantasy

Here’s where I’ve been lately: World of Warcraft Allods Online – (closed beta) Alganon – (closed and open beta) Chronicles of Spellborn WoW So in WoW I did manage to get Geistig the Paladin up to 70. Around about there I just started to fizzle out. Partially because I still hate the Alliance, partially because […]

Allods Online – Something to keep an eye on

So Redshift linked Allods to me over the weekend. This new MMO goes into closed beta November 11th (lasting through Nov 24th). Not sure how many closed beta keys are floating around out there, but they may be worth getting your hands on if your looking to check out something a little different. Allods has […]