Non-WoW Relevant MMO’s

Openedge posed this query over twitter a few days ago and it really got me thinking. What MMO’s would you consider being unique and in some way adding an element if not two to MMO’s. That is of course aside from WoW. Warhammer – Realm vs Realm pvp, lots of folks like that, I’ve never […]

The Day Before Christmas!

Hey Everybody! So it’s the day before Christmas and I get some time off. Wooooo! Yeah I didn’t post yesterday because I was pretty tired. I ended up comming home and passing out. It happens sometimes. On Tuesday night though I did get a chance to jump back in Alganon, and I’ll probably do that […]

Alganon Update

I’d received an automated e-mail from Alganon letting me know that there is a trial server up and running for folks that want to give Alganon a test go before subscribing to the game. I’m thinking I’ll update it and see what changes have been made. I still think there’s a lot of good in […]

Done With Fantasy

Here’s where I’ve been lately: World of Warcraft Allods Online – (closed beta) Alganon – (closed and open beta) Chronicles of Spellborn WoW So in WoW I did manage to get Geistig the Paladin up to 70. Around about there I just started to fizzle out. Partially because I still hate the Alliance, partially because […]