The modern city of Xandrar, built on the eastern bank of the Silver River where the waters of Silver Lake pour into Lake Galifar, takes its name from the much older Dhakaani city of Xandrar, whose ruins occupy the western riverbank and several miles of the lakeshore.

The thriving city is Breland’s gateway for trade with the Eldeen Reaches, and small barges ply the lake, providing ties to Aundair as well. Since Eldeen and Aundair were openly at war for most of the last century, Xandrar became a key link for what little trade the two nations could not avoid.


Notable Locales:

Persons of Note:

Notable Political Issues:

Swords of Liberty have been raising a ruckus. They are lead by Georgio ir’Oeskai. Georgio (or sweet Georgie as some may call him) is nephew to Countess Yassiv ir’Oeskai.  

Local Farmers are camped at the north gate of the town as their lands are being run roughshod by the Swords of Liberty.