The jewel of Breeland and one of the largest cities in Korvair, Sharn sits on the southern edge of the content. 

For our adventurers it’s known for access to the Dragonmark Guilds, the Drowned Seahorse inn on Cliffside and Sundry’s Sundries in the Bazaar district.

Sharn is a manifest zone which notably makes it easier to make floating aspects to the city and to use sky coaches for travel.

Type: Large City
Population: 500,000

Notable NPCs

Flerp Davandi
Zerp Davandi

Middle Central Plateau

Dragon Towers – Guildhall district 

  • Tharashk Enclave
  • Globe Information Agency
  • Cannith Enclave
  • Lyrandar Enclave
  • Kundarak Enclave
  • Sivis Enclave
  • House Tarkanan
  • Guild Row Enchants


  • Drowned Seahorse Inn

Middle Dura

The Bazaar – Marketplace and shops 

  • Caerlyn’s Blade
  • The Shrine of the Keeper
  • Vundry
  • Secondhand Strings
  • Korryn’s Quill, cartographer
  • Seven Leagues, cobbler
  • Borran’s Blades, knives/dagger weapon smith
  • Hearty Scales, Talenta food
  • Roll and Conquer, game shop
  • The Old Apothecary
  • Illumination
  • The Magewright‘s Miscellany, spell components vendor
  • Sundry’s Shop, pawn shop

Note: This is a tiny slice of the information available on the city of Sharn in the Ebberon campaign setting. For more information visit the Eberron Wiki online or view the campaign setting book Eberron Rising From The Last War.