Site Update: Moving Things Around

I plan on updating the site soon to move around some stuff. I’m going to drop Experiment EvE as well, that experiment when about as well as could be expected. For the moment I’m really involved in FF14 and I’m really comfortable with the game. I’ll probably post a bit here and there about it. […]

Site Rebuild

So yep, once again I’m reworking my website. I’m slowly working on getting it caught up with the modern world. I plan on having a few sections for the blog as I go forward. I want to have my standard game blog for random game musings. I also plan on starting a whole new section […]

Titania Prime Rebuilding The Pew Pews

Titania is currently my favorite frame. I have a few others but this one just lets me get all of my pew pew on. I did a bit of heavy customization to my Titania Warframe so that I could keep her airborn as much as warframingly possible. Now that I have Titania Prime (which I […]

On Blogging: Filtering Comment Spam

I like using my current blogging platform because, well, the little coding experience I have is mostly in the .net coding languages. Lately though I’ve been seeing a bunch of comments on my old posts that are really just folks posting “comments” to try to get free link backs to their websites. Here’s the […]

Finally Got the Music Software Set Up

Ok so after a lot of dinking around including changing out my sound card, I finally got my music software to cooperate. I have some pretty 80's sounding softsynths so far so I can make some really funky sounds. Now I just have to remind myself that I'm trying to make music, not just goof […]

Learning to Make Music for Videos

So now I'm learning how to make music to add to my game videos. I'm also thinking about going in a new direction with my FreeRealms blog that would use more video content so that should be fun. So since I'm making videos now I realized that I should probably use my own music for […]

Long Time No Posts

Oy well between work, getting the new blog together, submitting for the FreeRealms Wiki on Zam, it's been a little nuts lately. Worst part is there's a ton of stuff that I want to do, but only the same amount of time to do it in. I'm adjusting to using WordPress on my new blog […]

FreeRealms Blogger up and Rolling… One Tired Creep!

So I finished up my latest project FreeRealms Blogger (Link). I went with WordPress for this one as my hosting provider actually supports WordPress under this new scheme. Feel free to stop by and check it out. I'll be adding posts here off and on when things I want to talk about just don't fit […]