September 11 2020

MMO’s When You’re Strange

Too Weird to Play?

I do have some issues with games that keep me out of them sometimes. Tonight is no exception since I’ve been pushing myself this week to get stuff done. Now that it’s the weekend I’m not just exhausted from work but also looking at everything in life that’s piled up in the meantime.

Since I’ve been working in the evenings I haven’t even joined my friends in Warframe and haven’t logged into anything else.

Everyone has weeks like this though, you know when you’ve got a heavy project or there’s been a lot of work over the week. A lot of times for me thought it’s like this whenever I have work as I usually have to put a lot of effort into concentrating. When I do I get great results, but it can be pretty taxing.

Folks who’ve hung out with me for any length of time eventually figure out that I’m really good at pretending to be normal, but under the facade I put on to make other people feel more comfortable I’m actually pretty weird.

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December 6 2018

Warframe Leveling Inaros


I finally have this mummy themed warframe out of the cooker and he’s pretty fun so far. To get more out of him I guess I need to work on getting a one handed dagger so that I can use Covert Lethality. Though that’ll be grand for Ivara too so no sense in NOT having that. Apparently it’s only works in single daggers, of which I currently have none and of course have to build. 

As if building things is a problem for a crafting nut like me! 

I’ll probably have him done soon and I’ll probably play him here and there as he has some pretty fun skills that I actually like so far. I also need to finish leveling Zephyr Prime and hopefully Titania will be out of the foundry before the weekend.

I may or may not have a small problem collecting Warframes. 

Well really the problem is that they’re all so fun to play. It’s hard to choose which one I like the best, though I will openly admit that I enjoy some of them a LOT more than others. I also like that Warframe doesn’t punish me for leveling up new frames and since I gain mastery by leveling up new warframes and weapons, trying out new things is actually a bonus. 

That and I really enjoy trying out new weapons since they have some REALLY unique weapons in Warframe. While at first it can be a bit of a draw back that Warframe is just so different from most MMO’s out there that it can really throw you off. If you stick with it though, it really is worth the time it takes to step outside the norm and wade into Warframe. 

I’ve enjoyed this play through since I’ve taken my time. Experimented with weapons, and I’ve done a LOT of reading on the wiki. Which can help quite a bit.

Not that I would have imagined myself saying that about a year ago I can tell you that much. When I first tried it I had no idea what was going on, what did what, what I even WAS in the game! But then I learned how to fish, and from there the rest is history.

Hey any game that gives me a good reason to fish as a great game in my book. 

Though I’m not all crazy fisher in the game since I still need to farm for some of the awesome mods I want and wait for Baro to actually sell the really awesome mods I want. In the meantime though, it’s back to missions. It can be a bit repetitive, but when you’re using new warframes all the time it doesn’t really get old.

Though what is getting old is that after a patch landed yesterday my Battacor keeps firing on other people’s screen for some weird reason. That’s pretty annoying. I’ll have to figure out jut how I bugged my Battacor later. 

I actually still have quite a bit to do in Warframe since I have a few years worth of content to catch up on. I have bits of story to do, a lot of warframes to farm, and a bunch of upgrading to do. While it can be pretty grindy I feel like I’m moving at a pretty solid pace which is odd for an MMO especially a grindy one.

Though these days to me it feels like the quest oriented theme park games are almost more grindy than the just go out and kill stuff games. Possibly because of all the waiting and time spent running around. 

Even though I am oddly obsessed with Warframe, as I tend to do when I find a shiny, it is a game that has enough depth to it and enough content variety to keep me busy. Something that it’s taken Warframe a few years to build up and something that a lot of MMO’s never figured out how to master even over time.

I’m also a lot more willing to log in since Warframe doesn’t charge a monthly fee or have any premium subscription packages. I can access all of my stuff whenever I want and honestly I feel more generous to games that let me spend when and how I want as opposed to holding things over my head like inventory space, access to my own characters and level limitations.

I’m glad that GW2 proved that MMO’s could make money using their current free to play model and hopefully they’ll continue on that trend now that they’ve added the Nintendo Switch to the number of ways you can access and play Warframe. The use of a tradeable cash shop currency probably has a lot to do with how they’re able to have an in game credit system used for in game stuff.

I could probably write a series on how virtual currencies actually give people more incentive to play games than less, but that’d be for another day. Until next time, remember your F-budget and don’t forget to have some fun out there.

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December 5 2018

So Much Warframe

Despite folks getting me tempted to get back into World of Warcraft. I’ve actually been enjoying myself in Warframe. Not something I thought I’d say after I gave it up over the summer, but I feel like I’m actually progressing a bit in the game which is pretty nice.

I have both Inaros and Titania in the cooker. Zepher prime is almost done and I’m working on Nekros prime, but I need to farm some materials for him which is ironic since that’s why I’m getting him. Heavy facepalming was to be had. 

I also played some Trinity this morning and for some reason I just have a hard time giving her up even though I’m going to need several more mods to make her viable.

I literally feel like Trinity rick rolls me EVERY time I play her to level a new sentinal. Yep I use Trinity to level sentinals and pets because she can keep them alive through the entire mission. It’s worth it. 

I also decided to try out the Redeemer. I’m in LOVE. Swish swish BAM!

I think it’s right up there with the Battacor as one of my new favorite weapons. I intend on trying out the Sarpa as well but I need to farm some cryotic and I just haven’t gotten around to it.

What’s keeping me from taking Trinity further into the star chart is her fragility at higher levels. Without hitting the damage mitigation cap she can be tricky to keep going at higher levels. That and having a solid melee weapon that not only is effective but fun for me to play has kept me from enjoying her as well. 

Trinity is really designed to be an in yo face frame. So the damage mitigation that she has from Link and Blessing make her really fun to play when all you want to do is walk into a room and say “COME ON…. HIT ME!”

To me she’s more fun than Valk, probably because as long as I have just enough energy to keep Energy Vampire running I can just keep slowly plodding through things. She’s a lot like Rino in that respect. Not the flashiest frame out there, but very reliable once you drop the whole “gimme energy” for friends thing and start playing the frame as a merciless melee death bringer.

Though once again that is another thing about Warframe, it really depends on your playstyle. What one person finds fantastic the next absolutely hates.

Though regardless, if you’re just starting out in Warframe…. Get Rhino. You can NEVER go wrong with Rhino. 

Aside from primed mods that I’m just going to have to wait on I’ll also need Power Drift and Blind Rage. I’m going for a Trini-Tank since she’s just so much more fun to play that way. We’re working on getting those slowly over time but it’s run after run until you get what you want. At least there’s always something which IS nice.

While friends of mine are moving toward World of Warcraft or sticking around in ESO, I have a really hard time not wanting to Warframe. For me it’s just so much more fun. I mean I can play a healer that dishes out some damage. For me that’s so much more fun than just hoping I don’t die all the time because game mechanics. 

I’ve always wanted to play something that heals in a game but can still survive. Paladins are a prime example. I don’t need huge damage numbers, but I would like to wade through a bunch of enemies and laugh while I’m taking punches to the face. Dunno just my thing.

I’m going to have to start a mod list. In the meantime it’s time to get some work knocked out so I can get back to what I enjoy most. Playing with my new toys!

Until next time.

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November 27 2018

Warframe Fun in Fortuna and Playing in the Plains

Dat Moa

Currently I feel like a dog chasing my own tail as  I work on a lot of different rep gains per day. The downside of starting a game years after it launches is that you’re sitting on a HUGE amount of content you get to sift through and with Warframe that isn’t easy. 

There is a LOT to do in Warframe from the basics of just getting through the star-chart to grinding enough Mastery to unlock better weapons that’ll help you get THROUGH the star-chart with a lot fewer upgrades.

Finding the right balance of funzies and completion is pretty tough. 

When you’re idea of fun is roaming alone over the plains havesting anything and everything, it takes a bit longer to work through the masteries and star-chart. BUT, because of my obsessive hunter/gatherer (and sometimes fisher) compulsions, rep for the open world map factions has gone quite a bit smoother than I’d anticipated. 

This way I can work on my Syndicate standing a little bit when I’m roaming those areas. That is when I’m not just getting any new warframe and weapon out of my foundry and taking it to the usual grind spots.

So far I have my first Zaw and a little MOA buddy I’m going to name Alfred (once I have enough rep to Gild him AND the Zaw… such fun). 

Fishing on the plains of Eidolon and mining out Orb Vallis have really made a big difference in making my daily standing cap with these factions rather quickly and banking extra rep for days that I just don’t have time for the grind.

As for the Vent Kids, well that one is going to take longer since that one you have to actively grind that out daily. The one upside is that it doesn’t cost anything but time and effort to level it, so it’s toats worth it. 

That and the K-Drive is super useful as quick and easy transportation across the open world areas. You can’t use weapons with it like the Archwing launcher, BUT it’s super quick and a lot more fun to use. The animations are awesome sauce.

Since I’m the K-Drive nut in the crew I pretty much have to wait until I have solo time to grind that out. Though doing rotations at The Pearl there in Orb Vallis has made that go a lot more smoothly. Especially for folks like me that can’t get 3,000 points in tricks just grinding along the pipes in Fortuna’s back yard.

I’ve tried, but I think that it’s nearly impossible with the base board and I’m building my K-Drive not buying it. It’ll be worth the rep to have it exactly the way I want it. That and I hoard plat like a dragon hoards gold. I’m terrible I know. Don’t get me started on gnome punting.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to gild my Zaw and see what it’ll be able to do with “moar mods” and the like. I’ve been looking around through videos and the configuration I’ve set up seems to be a strong weapon. It’s pretty decent even without gilding so it’ll be fun to see what it can do once I can get that knocked out.

Treed Rhino

I’m also working on a mighty bow collection since I’m trying to decide what I want to use  on Ivara. I know I’ll be using the Dread when I want to do anything sneaky. It’s a great weapon. Downside is that it’s single target and I’m crappy at aiming. With stealth I’m not too bad though, but it does take a bit more time. I need the mod to speed up my stealth, but that’s another grind.

I’ve had a lot of fun with Ivara and now she’s my go-to solo char. High damage, sneaky stealth and utility. She’s really fun for roaming the open world content at my own pace. I just think I’d need to invest in a LOT more damage and whatnot to make her viable for doing more types of mission running, but I’m thinking it’s possible.

Ivara can also be fun to play with others. The little stealth bubble has made life on the planes a lot easier for Vinny and myself, even if he still stomps around on Rhino.

We have a bit of the star chart to go. The problem is I still can’t decide which frame I’m going to work on first. See getting a frame to 30 is just the start. Customizing the frame for mods that require more resource, that takes time and it’s a serious investment.

Right now I can’t decide between Ivara and Octavia. I usually end up playing Ivara a lot more lately.

I have put a lot of work into my Trinity Prime and trin-tanking is quite a bit of fun, but it’s doesn’t give you that powerful feeling that the other frames offer, so she’s just chilling in the arsenal for the time being. While I do like Trinity, she’s a VERY expensive frame to fully kit out for end game. For me it’ll be a LOT more because I prefer playing the more tanky Bless type Trinity. 

So that’s shelved while I work on either Ivara or Octavia and probably beef up my Smeeta Kavat, Buffy. She’s having a hard time in the planes so she needs more modular love. That of course means that she’ll need to be polarized and releveled at least two or three times as well. JOY!

Well time to go and get lost in Warframe. Until next time I plan on continuing my rep grind and trying out some different bows! Have fun out there.

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November 20 2018

Warframe Noobin’ it at Fishing

If you’re like me, which you probably aren’t because I’m strange, but if you ARE, you’ve heard of fishing but haven’t tried it. You’ve probably seen screenshots like this in Discord from guild mates. You’ve probably even bought the gear because someone drug you to the NPC, but may or may not have equipped it and STILL haven’t seen a fish! 

Recently I saw that I needed fish parts to build the K-drive of my dreams that I am WAY too cheap to spend plat on, so Imma goin’ fishin’! I decided to bite the bullet and figure this crap out finally. Here’s how I did it, and it might just work for you.

Getting the goods

So to start with, you’re going to want to talk to The Business. He’s the dude rocking a radiator like a boss.

The Business

Next up, you’re going to have to spend some standing to buy STUFF! Fortunately if you’ve unlocked Orb Vallis you should have a little standing. If you need more just head outside and talk to the bounty guy, do some missions and you’ll be good to go.

You’re going to want to buy at least the Schockprod Fishing Spear. 

Shockprod Fishing Spear

If you haven’t done any fishing before, try picking up the bait. It’ll actually bring the fish in quicker so you can see what you’re trying to hit. That helps a bunch.

Broad-Spectrum Bait

Equip It!

Now that you have your new shiny fishing… spear… thingy… Don’t forget to hit your arsenal in the escape menu. You don’t even have to go back to your ship you can change your loadout right there in Fortuna just as if you were in a relay or in the Dojo. Once in that menu go on down to equipment and toss the speargun in the wheel there. The bait doesn’t need to be equipped, just the speargun.

Shockprod Fishing Spear Equipped

Gone Fishin’

With your shiny new fishing spear equipped it’s time to pack those thermal underpants and head out in the the bitter cold of Orb Vallis to sit next to a somehow not frozen pond of water spearing robotic fish.

I kid you not, that IS what you’ll be doing. Bear in mind that it doesn’t make it any less FUN!

Now sidle on up to the water. You’ll want to get really close or almost toes deep in before you hit number 2. That’s the keybind for your Broad-Spectrum Bait. Check out the image below in the bottom right hand corner.

Keep in mind that it is consumed on use so it is a chunk of rep gone but if you’re doing it all of once to just see where the fish are, OR you’re probably trying for a greater range of fish, it’s worth it.

My Equipment Yo

Now just look out in the water and start looking for something wriggling. It shouldn’t take too long really.

If you have your spear out you’ll even see a little fishy hit bar that’ll make it easier to target the lil bastages.

Spearin’ That Fish!

Just hover over the fish until your reticle brings up that fishy hit bar. Then click with the left mouse button to fire the speargun and snag that fish. It helps to wait until they’re just chilling out somewhere for a moment otherwise you’ll have to lead them a bit.

You can also use your right mouse button to zoom in on the water. This’ll bring them a bit more into focus and help you hit ’em.

Once you’ve got one on the line just wait until the little hover bar in the center there lands in the red. Fortunately you just have to click the left mouse button one time when it gets there. Saves out on a lot of time, energy and keyboards. I’m looking at you BDO. 

The music Warframe plays when you DO catch a fish is SO AWESOME that’s worth every catch. At least I think so, but see the top of this post if you have questions.

Now, rinse and repeat until you feel like you’ve thinned the schools enough for one day and head back on into Fortuna.

Getting the Goods

So you’ve managed to get these fish, but why would you even bother going through this much effort? Well if you want to build either the fancy new warframe or you want to build a better K-drive, you can sacrifice your new fishy friends to get at their sweet, sweet, components.

To do that you’ll want to head on back to The Business and this time you’re going to want to ask him to put his back into it for a change and disassemble those fish for you by selecting Dismantle Servofish.

Gimme Parts!

He’ll pop up with this handy menu where you can select which fishies you’re willing to part with, either some or all, you know whatever goes. Just select and hit dismantle.

By By Fishy Friends

Once that’s done you’ll see what your part haul is for you fishing adventures. Most of these items are used to build the things you need to build, TO build the things you WANT to build. What’s an MMO without steps before steps?

Sweet, Sweet Lewtz

Now you’re well on your way to getting the fishtacular components you’ll need to craft the random crap you’ll be crafting here in the belly of Fortuna. Well at least the start of it, you’ll find more of the goods roaming the frozen hills of Orb Vallis. Now on to getting rep to build that sweet, sweet, new K-drive that you’ll be able to trick out and well… you know, do tricks ON. Not to mention the cool mods that’ll let you rip through mobs as you shred your way across the map!


Hey a gal’s gotta have goals. A bigger and better K-drive is mine! Until next time, remember your f-budget and enjoy stabby stabbin’ them fishies!

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November 12 2018

MMO – Get That Body Movin’ GW2 and Warframe


For me Guild Wars 2 and Warframe are taking MMO Gaming up a notch in some interesting ways. Their PvE is amazing and the way they’re adding movement as an art form to their games is incredible in a lot of ways.

I mean who wasn’t excited to get their first horse back in the old days of MMO’s. I mean you usually had to grind forever to get enough gold to buy it and then just sat on it in town taking screens shots so incredibly happy that you finally have something that’s faster than running. 

Ah those were the days right?

Well those days my friends were dead as soon as Fallen Earth offered a horse to new players within the first hour of gameplay. Not to mention as soon as Runes of Magic offered the ten dollar horse. 

But sure, having a faster way to get around is nice and all, but what if it just adds so much to the game play that it’s just fun all by it’s self?

Well I’ll give credit to Wildstar for kicking off the concept. They had hoverboards! The hoverboards and the housing were probably the two things about the game that kept me logged in for an extra month after the game launched. I even built a skate park in my house just to play on the hoverboard. No foolin’. It was pretty fun, it added a neat extra way to get around and it was something else to do. 

Guild Wars 2 decided to take mounts into a whole new direction with Path of Fire in that the mounts are actually a part of the game play. They can be openers for combat, you need them to get to specific places and to get specific items and their animations are just amazing.

While Riders of Icarus made an interesting go at making riding in game more involved by adding your mount as a combat pet, I’ll be perfectly honest with you, it was not a game that captured my interest and I’m not exactly sorry about that.

Even in Final Fantasy XIV your Chocobo is a friendly helper and not just a funny mount. Also not something I’ve played with much myself, that’s a game I tried and was pretty quickly turned off by.

Now with the launch of Fortuna Warframe is reviving that sweet sweet hoverboard action. If you’ve gotten as far as Venus in the over all story chain you’ve probably unlocked it. It’s worth giving it a go. I really liked the story and the hoverboard animations and controls are SUPER fun. 

While granted it’s not as complex as the over all mount structure in GW2, the hoverboards in Warframe do have their own mini games associated with them. You can participate in races and just try to hit up random stuff around the map. Doing these things helps you “grind” rep with the kiddos in Fortuna that sell… get this… even better boards!

I want one… I want one so much!

Safe to say this kind of thing actually adds some fun to games. Funny thing is that if you add something fun to games people actually enjoy them. Hard to believe I know.

Warframe needs to have little fun extras like the fishing, mining and now hoverboarding to kind of distract a bit from the grind. Yes it can be a grindy game, but it’s pretty rewarding if you’re the kind of person who just loves getting dropped off on a random planet somewhere and thinning out the population. 

I can’t explain why I like that, but I really do.

I’m betting that in the future we’re going to be seeing a lot more games work on trying to implement this kind of game play. If we don’t I’m thinking that those games are going to start losing players to the games that do. Not overnight of course, but it doesn’t take long these days for word to get around that there’s just more cool stuff in this other game.

Once again the devs at GW2 and Warframe are pushing the MMO genre forward in some interesting ways. Even their revenue models are something that the other companies could take a long look at. Just saying. 

Anyway, until next time remember your F budget and have fun out there. Also… get the hoverboard… it’s AMAZING….

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November 6 2018

Looking at Three Games and Loving It

Dat Khora

Yep! 3! Warframe is looking to round out my set of games at the moment coming in at a whopping three which is a big deal for me since I usually only stick to one MMO at a time, play the hell out of it, get so mind numbingly bored with it that I want to scream, and then putter off to a new shiny. 

You know pretty much like everyone does. 


In Warframe my Trinity Prime from that lovely Twitch promo is probably about ready for the upcoming content Fortuna. It has hoverboards… I want a hoverboard. I can’t explain my irrational love of hoverboards… but trust me, it’s a thing. 

I may have to get Ozzy my infected hound out of stasis if I’m going to be doing anything long term and get serious about a real build… but that’s for another time. As it is I still need a lot of masteries in Warframe on top of well… everything. 

But I do have Clem on my shoulder and that’s really all I need. I’m very happy with my clemblem. It was designed by TheAlp and was given to the guild. That face was worth every plat.

Guild Wars 2

In GW2 we’re about ready to round out getting that happy new Beetle mount. We’d have it if I didn’t have to spend roughly 12 hours sleeping yesterday because of a cold that refuses to GTFO. I will beat this cold! Just watch me!

My Druid set up has even tempted Vinny to give it a shot. So we’re both running around on Druids at the moment and it’s actually a lot of fun. Way more fun than he expected it to be for sure. 

Vinny wants me to make a new video for the beetle mount so that might be something I’ll post once that’s slapped together.

Elder Scrolls Online

Finally in ESO I’m slowly gathering a dragon’s hoard of gold that I intend on spending frivolously on yet another house. I don’t know why, it’s some random IKEA nesting instinct I suppose. 

Since I have pretty much no desire to do much in ESO since my main is a magica Warden that’s geared mostly for healing. Great for dungeons, teh suxors for most other content.

I keep meaning to revert her back to a more tank based set up to slog through content. My Warden can be pretty bad ass when I gear her up for it. The only problem is that gearing up a 160 + CP char isn’t so much a hassle as it’s just a bunch of materials that I’d rather do anything with OTHER than invest it in another set of gear. It’s one of those ‘just another thing’ things on the list of things I’d rather not have to do. 

PS; If you have ESO you might want to keep it patched this month since they’re giving away access to Murkmire for free. All you have to do is log in. You don’t even have to do so for the entire month. I’m waiting until Talta gets it so we can go do the content together. 

I’d like to say that I want to do more in ESO but I really feel like my drive to play the game is coming to a grinding halt. I really loved Summerset and Morrowind. Clockwork city was ok and I’m pretty sure Murkmire is a great DLC but I’m probably not going to hold a lot of interest in the game for the moment until the next expansion comes out.

I also RP in ESO on the side which has kept me there for quite a bit. Problem is even that is getting patchy as people migrate to other games.

The nice thing about RP is that you can come up with your own content or enjoy other people’s content in between patches.  It can be fun, funny and even frustrating but you know, that’s dealing with people. For me it’s better than doing the same raid on farm until the next one comes out any day of the week. I’m not one for repetition.

But when you have people spread out between games it can make it harder to come up with that content when you can’t keep them interested or active in one game over another. ESO does offer some really great tools for RP in housing, costumes and the outfit system. Not to mention a wealth of e-motes and dances. That keeps a lot of people there and it has a pretty active RP community.

But it does tend to ebb and flow with the game market as people float about to various games. Which isn’t such a bad thing as it keeps things fun and exciting. It’s not as much fun being stuck in the same place all the time. 

Well until next time, remember your F Budget and here’s some dancing choya. 

They can dance if they want to.

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