September 21 2020

WoW Night At Brewfest

people waiting in line for outhouse World of Warcraft

It’s September in World of Warcraft and every WoW veteran knows that that means! Ok well besides usually waiting for new content it’s also time for BREWFEST!

That odd drinking festival where both the Horde and Alliance focus on ale and sausage for a week straight.

It’s also add another mount/goodie grind in tokens as WoW players grind a temporary set of dailies all for this month’s goodies.

I usually do it to get sloshed with Talta and enjoy a bit of family time, which when you have up to a 9 hour time difference between you and your family can mean a lot.

Despite BfA being a bit of a mixed bag in reviews it seems like people came out of the wood work for a Kodo mount, a Brewfest tabard, some snazzy short pants and a whole lot of boozing.

We even did the eating competition thing, but it seemed to bug out on Talta so she didn’t manage to complete the quest for it. It was creeping up on time for me to hit the sack so I didn’t look that up but if anyone has suggestions for her I’d love to pass them along.

characters eating at eating competition in World of Warcraft

I plan on doing some boozing at Brewfest this week, the xp is pretty dang good for leveling characters and it’s a great chance to add some odds and ends to my overstuffed WoW collection.

I hope to see you there! If not just have a few for me. Have fun out there and remember to stay safe, stay healthy and try to stay sane, but if that’s not working you’re always welcome here for a small does of randomness!

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September 19 2020

Warframe Progress Big Booms

Warframe Titania Prime And Kavat With Heavy Weapon Equipped

With help from Vinny and some other helpful Tennos I managed to finally do and complete the Prophet Taker quests to unlock equipping heavy weapons otherwise known as the Arcwing weapons.

They are super fun to play with on the ground let me tell you.

I also completed the Deimos starter quest chain so now I can start working on Deimos unlocks here and there as time allows.

Now that’s two things off the list. Up next is getting the new Arcwing weapon on Deimos, finishing a bunch of quests, my railjack, and finally getting at least one warframe built well.

At least I have plenty to do!

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and have fun out there! You’re always welcome to stop by here too if you just want a dose of randomness!

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September 17 2020

Titania Prime Rebuilding The Pew Pews

Titania is currently my favorite frame. I have a few others but this one just lets me get all of my pew pew on. I did a bit of heavy customization to my Titania Warframe so that I could keep her airborn as much as warframingly possible.

Now that I have Titania Prime (which I love) it’s time to rebuild the badassed-ness. It looks like the weapons are going to be my primary forma drain for now with the Warframe it’s self requiring formas once I actually get around to finish upgrading my mods.

Zee Frame
Zee Slash Slash
Zee Pew Pew

This is one of the “on the list” items I have to complete.

I also want to finish my railjack as well as level up a few of the other warframes I’ve got sitting in storage. Oh and the Daemos thing…

And all this while I’m also playing WoW and trying to decide if I want to still play FF14. My house is amazing, me, not so much.

In the mean time I’m also looking at developing my own wordpress theme as I want something that’s easier to read for everyone (including myself) and I want something that’ll do a little more heavy lifting for me.

Gotta make this site earn it’s keep. Probably by serving as a database for my D&D campaign that’ll make it easier for zee players to see a list of the random npc’s that have been created over time.

Until next time, stay safe, stay awesome, and stay about as sane as you want to be, you’ll always be welcome here!

September 17 2020

Warframe To Do List

So at this point my Warframe to do list just keeps getting longer. There’s all of those little things I’d ‘like’ to do and then there’s all of the content that I just haven’t bothered with because I haven’t been able to focus on building up a frame capable of doing a lot of the content.

Unless you count Titania overkill.

But now that I have Titania Prime (yeah I broke down and bought that), I have to finish the forma routine with her to bring her up to what I had on my original Titania.

Safe to say it’s going to be a whole lot of time spent doing schtuff in Warframe.

I’m seriously going to have to set up entire pages of “Stuff I need to Do” in games so that I can track what I want to do before I go off on tangents.

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September 11 2020

MMO’s When You’re Strange

Too Weird to Play?

I do have some issues with games that keep me out of them sometimes. Tonight is no exception since I’ve been pushing myself this week to get stuff done. Now that it’s the weekend I’m not just exhausted from work but also looking at everything in life that’s piled up in the meantime.

Since I’ve been working in the evenings I haven’t even joined my friends in Warframe and haven’t logged into anything else.

Everyone has weeks like this though, you know when you’ve got a heavy project or there’s been a lot of work over the week. A lot of times for me thought it’s like this whenever I have work as I usually have to put a lot of effort into concentrating. When I do I get great results, but it can be pretty taxing.

Folks who’ve hung out with me for any length of time eventually figure out that I’m really good at pretending to be normal, but under the facade I put on to make other people feel more comfortable I’m actually pretty weird.

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September 9 2020

D&D Remote Play

D&D Remote Play

When most people think of Dungeons & Dragons they either think of that Saturday Morning cartoon from the 80’s or the imagine a bunch of guys sitting around a table covered in books, dice and Doritos. The table, not the guys….

But as the times are most fortunately changing, so has D&D!

With the growing popularity of live action D&D streaming the game is becoming more and more popular and with a lot of folks who probably wouldn’t have tried it out otherwise. I had always been interested in D&D but I’ve only recently had the opportunity to dig into it.

I was really pleased to announce to our tiny group that last night actually marked our 30th session. I only know this because I journey our travels. If for no other reason than to enjoy looking back on such moments as the second or third time the Fighter wanted to strangle the Warlock or the time the Artificer almost started an international incident via sky writing.

It was the best of times, it was the most awesome of times.

Being the cave dwelling hermit that I am I can assure you that I started playing D&D without knowing any of this. Vinny and one of our long time MMO friends (as well as Warframe clan overlord, the awesome kind) decided they wanted to play D&D. They had played a remote Shadowrun session years ago but that fell out and they just wanted a new adventure.

Vinny wanted to be the DM for a change but they needed more players. I agreed to go along for funzies since it would be something to do and another MMO friend if ours from ESO decided to join in.

Since none of us live in the same country besides Vinny and myself of course, we play over Discord.

D&D On Discord!

These days playing remote is really easy. We have Discord to thank for foing the heavy lifting in that it streams maps from the DM’s PC, we all rp in a designated voice channel, we arrange meetings through an @D&D role and we installed the Avrae bot to do manage combat encounters so we can spend more time on the story and less time running the math.

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September 8 2020

MMO Baggage: Encumbrance Vs Inventory

Piles of Loot

Inventory managment has always been an issue for me and I despise it in every game except for Warframe. For some reason this is the only game I’m playing at the moment that just has one big pot for all of the craftables and ‘stuff’.

Warframe does charge for arsenal unlocks, but to be fair, that’s a pittance in comparison to the sheer amount of different types of blueprints, crafting materials, pet growing materials, lootables, and other random junk a Tenno collects as we murder hobo their way through the universe.

So today I want to ask the following:

Why don’t we see too many other games taking on Warframe’s inventory model?

Why aren’t more games looking at ESO’s near bottomless crafting bag?

And/or why not Encumbrance over slots?

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September 3 2020

New World Town Control and Faction Suggestions for New Player Retention

How’s This For A New Player Experience?

Let me start out by saying that I really love New World and have enjoyed the preview quite a bit. I wouldn’t bother posting this if I didn’t want to see the game succeed, not only at launch but also well into the future.

The picture above is an empty job board. Job boards are great ways for players to pick up fetch quests that give them experience and bit of gold.

As you can imagine this is pretty helpful when you’re just starting out as even crafting requires an investment in New World.

The problem is this really doesn’t bode well for the future. While this was taken near the end of the preview, keep in mind that this isn’t a bad representation of what happens as players progress in a game.

Why you might ask?

Well let’s look about a month after launch of the game. By this point most of the people who bought the early adopters will have powered through to the end game. As is what happens in MMO’s. The friends they’ve convinced to join them will have probably also powered through.

So what you likely have at this point, sans any other rise in population due to marketing, would be the steady trickle of people flowing into the game.

Now imagine those players who already see a low to no population starter town.

At this point high level players have no reason to come back to the town. Even the guild that captured the town most likely doesn’t have leveling players and are probably working to undermine towns in higher level areas.

Since these towns aren’t going to keep players in them for very long, and the players who will be there likely won’t buy much, these towns probably wouldn’t be a great investment for a high level guild either.

While yes veteran players will come back to these low level towns either to take them or to contest them for conquest. Will veteran players who hold the town actually bother investing in them?

As what would be most likely the case, veteran players will have moved on to higher level territories. Since fast travel is limited, why would a person bother travelling to another end of the map just to craft if they can simply walk over to the closest town.

If veteran players can just simply use other towns with content closer to their level, why bother investing in a low level town so far away?

By investing, I mean putting coin into leveling the settlement equipment and or the settlement.

By not investing in at the very least, the equipment of the town, the job board stays empty. There’s no reason to stay in the town if you can only craft tier one maybe tier two goods at that town.

This won’t give new players a good impression as it can look like the game has already been abandoned by the player base.

Games that run on Steam have a 2 hour window to grab players attention before they’re able to request a refund and uninstall the game. That’s 2 precious hours that any game on steam has to try to make the best impression it can on anyone fresh into that game.

While sure your veteran players are important to the lively hood of your game, every game has player turn over. It’s always a good idea to try to keep rotating in new players all the time.

Therefore, keeping the new player towns active and thiriving makes your game appear to be lively. If there’s less people as you move on in the game only gives it MORE of that new worldish exploratory feel.

That is a far stretch from the usual MMO where all content is strictly focused on the end game areas and the beginning areas are completely devoid of life.

SO! My suggestion here would be to give all players an incentive to come back to these towns even if it’s only upon occasion. The best suggestion would be to turn the new player settlements into thriving neutral hubs of activity.

These stable NPC towns could also buoy the player driven economy when there’s little to no PvP activity or between patches when PvE players will inevitably play other games until new content arrives.

How will this work you ask? Well my suggestion would actually be that of a 4th NPC faction that would operate as a neutral faction. One that could not go to war with the other 3 factions and would only retain control over those low level area towns.

Then I would suggest that those towns are controlled by NPCs that accept donations for the upgrades players want to see made to those towns.

These towns could have a middling rate for taxation. That would make them less expensive than a friendly faction town, but more expensive than an enemy faction town.

This gives players an incentive to drop in if they’re surrounded by enemy towns to get some crafting in, BUT wouldn’t detract from people to go to friendly faction towns to get cheaper crafting rates.

New players can start out as members of this 4th NPC faction and have the options of leaving it either permanently or temporarily to join any of the other factions. This 4th faction can also not allow for the formation of guilds within the faction, which would be similar to the EvE online new player corporations.

This actually gives more weight for PvP’rs to conquer territory since it would help their wallets. It also gives them an interest in undermining territories since in the end it would also hurt their wallets until they flipped the town. Finally for players that want to guild up, they’d have to leave the neutral faction in order to do so.

How does the 4th faction keep the economy stable?

Well say that the faction that holds a town has a guild leader hiatus or that guild simply can’t afford upgrades. Well until the town is undermined, people can take their business to the NPC New Player towns to continue operating until friendlier factions took control.

This would mean that New Players would see people milling about the new player towns. It also could make great recruiting opportunities for guilds as they’re milling about and crafting anyway.

My final suggestion for keeping New Player Areas fresh, would be to add a conflict to those areas that draw high level characters. What if these towns could be thrown into NPC conflict by having them attacked by corruption or the like.

This could be something that rewards high level players with either level appropriate loot or even faction currency. This way they have a reason to come back to the New Player settlements and participate.

This could be done in a well marked area so it would be obvious what was happening. If there are crates nearby the area with only one or two ranged or support weapon types, the low level players could help support the high level players.

This gives veteran and new players a chance to mingle. It gives established guilds a chance to recruit new blood. It also gives new players a chance to get to know folks invested in the game which will hopefully give them incentive to play past that 2 hour mark.

Granted there’s probably a bunch of other methods that could work here, hopefully this will at least get the ball rolling. I know it is weird to start looking at what the new player experience might be like well after the game launches before it even does.

However, keep in mind that anything that’s done before the game launches to help keep new players coming in is just going to help make for a steady revenue stream. It will also save future development that will be inevitably be required since a lot of games have had similar problems with their new player experience issues.

Until next time I’ll be getting lost in the woods! Stay safe, stay healthy, and have fun out there!