December 22 2016


2016-12-21_482159307 I logged back into Black Desert Online yesterday to try the Witch Awakening and I love it. Now I have to decide if I want to add BDO back to the list of games I want to play.

I just finished the Season in Diablo III with CrankyB and that was a blast. We’re playing Neocron 2 again which is fun, but it’s not super immersive. I always end up wanting to do something else after a couple of weeks in game there.

I’m also picking up Star Wars the Old Republic again because I really, really want to finish at least one character and see the stories. I particularly enjoy the Sith Sorceress. I do love being bad. I may end up playing the Jedi equivalent too if I make one.

While BDO I want to give BDO all of my attention, I just have too much to do to spend more than an hour or two at a time in game. For BDO that’s not really enough to get far fast. Though getting far fast isn’t what BDO is about once you get to end game, and honestly that isn’t all bad. Considering how big a difference levels can make in the game.

At the moment I’m playing SWTOR alone and that doesn’t bug me much. Neocron I really only play with the guys because I don’t want to play it solo. As for BDO, I’ll probably be playing that a bit by myself then goofing off in it here or there with what guild members still log in. Other than that it’s on the back burner for me.

Well till next time, I’ll be making choices.


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November 27 2016

BDO: Trying Farming

2016-11-27_654716402 I have to say that I don’t think I can swing the Calpheon Crate business. It’s a bit too much chopping for my taste. I usually ended up with piles of wood and undelivered crates. Pretty typical for me I know right?

I’ decided to change direction instead of continuing to do something that was about as rewarding as beating my face on a brick wall. It probably works for some folks but it’s not my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea since I’m on tea duty for my guild grind group I decided to reallocate my AP to Farming instead of timber crates. With farming I can grow the fruit and flowers I need for Milk Tea. I can also grow the Mane Grass I need for Experience Elixers.

When I’m not working on growing those three items I can work on the Special Sunflower Crates that are of course one of the staple money making methods in this version of BDO. It’s up there with fishing which can also make a ton.

Nice thing about farming is that since you can have workers tend your fields now you can do other things while your plants grow, like grind, fish, cook anything. You don’t have to camp your farm and pick off all the bugs yourself anymore.

That is one of the things I love about BDO, being lazy I love the fact that I hire a work force to do crap for me.

Thing is though if you tend your garden yourself you have a chance at getting hard and sharp shards. Now that they have ‘fixed’ the desert, they decided to balance that by increasing the drop rate of the shards. That can help you make a nice bit of silver on the side.

Also if you use workers on a farm you’ll need workers with a lot of stamina or they’ll be running back to town and NOT tending your field before you know it. That can get pretty annoying. One of our guildies decided that using goblins for tending farms was not the way to go.

I did make a fair amount mixing Imperial Delivery and Calpheon Timber Crate trading. Now to see if the sunflower crates live up to the hype. Till next time, keep on keeping on.


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November 25 2016

BDO: Life Skill Grind

2016-11-25_468675716That’s me in the corner, chop, chop, choppin’ away. Yep I’m wasting materials leveling Life Skills on my Sorc. Good news is I wasn’t too far along on my other chars and well, I just feel downright comfortable running around on Blackheart here.

My Life Skill took a huge hit in productivity this week as I’d been working on leveling the Sorc up to the awakening. I wanted to play something else and this week I’ve had a little time to unwind and grind thanks to the holiday.

Now it’s time to work in the Life Skills grind. I do pretty much everything but hunting at this point. Though I should start getting that unlocked too since we go fishing and wale hunting on the weekends for the lols.

Whale hunting in BDO is a great guild activity. It’s also a bit more relaxing as compared to grinding and guild missions.

With that in mind I’ve been leveling up alchemy by making the components I need to make Experience Elixirs. I have Clear Liquid Reagents and Clown’s Blood stockpiled. I will probably have to go out for more wolf’s blood at some point next week though just to get a good supply of that.

I was joking about it with one of my guild members who is doing Imperial Alchemy and she’s looking at gathering around 4k Raccoon blood for fun and for profit. Mostly profit.

At the same time I’m farming the Dry Mane grass I’ll need for the final push. I was hoping to get my alchemy a bit further along so I get a better chance at getting the higher quality version over the green, but at this point I’ll take what I can get. Also crafting it instead of buying it from the market is probably going to save me some coin over time.

I’ve also re-established my link to Olvia for Grapes. I’ll need that to start working on Milk Tea. Fortunately I’m getting a good amount of milk from the cooking turn ins, but I’ll probably have to send out an alt to milk those cows as well one of these days.

With all of these projects in motion I’m really thinking that I need to push for more energy. At this point I’m sitting at 245 energy, which is a comfortable amount now that you don’t need it for cooking, alchemy and processing. But I do need it for trading, farming and gathering. I’m fine with that actually because it does mean that there is some demand for gathered components.

Thing is I also do gathering missions for the guild. That means I have to make sure I’ve got enough energy for my own projects as well as leveling the guild. As the guild leader it would seem to be in poor taste to bow out of gathering missions due to lack of energy. Though a bit more energy should help me balance both. Otherwise we may have to start looking into doing more subjugation or trading missions over doing gathering missions.

Speaking of trading, I do plan on getting Trading leveled up on this char as well. I really enjoy trading in this game and I can make a good amount of silver while doing it.

That had been my main source of income when I played classes that I didn’t want to farm with, but now that I have the Sorc I may very well start to get more grinding in. Thing is I’m just not sure where I’ll farm. Honestly at this point I’d prefer experience over silver believe it or not. Reason being that the Sorc has some awesome awakening unlocks at 58. The fun part is getting those two levels.

By fun I mean that it can be soul crushingly excruciating if you’re sitting there staring at the levels. Another one of our guild mates is doing that at the moment and I can’t say I’d trade places.

Hopefully my tea and elixer production will help all of us pour on the xp. Though I also need to find time to quest, get more energy…. Yeah this many months in and there’s STILL a lot to do in BDO.

Until next time, keep on keeping on!

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November 23 2016

BDO – Halfway to 56 and Gearing up for Alchemy

2016-11-21_138157897 At the moment I’m enjoying the pre-awakened Sorceress quite a bit. It’s also been pretty handy since I do a bit of off tanking for guild mates when we’re out getting some group grinding on.

It sounds naughtier than it really is sadly.

Also I plan on taking up a bit of Alchemy. I need the base ingredients to charge up my alchemy stone. I have one for life and I LOVE it. I might also pick up one for combat, but haven’t decided on that yet. Mostly because I’d need to be picking weeds every day or have an army of farms just to keep the damn things fueled with reagents.

My main goal in Alchemy at the moment is making Experience Elixers. It gives a slight boost to xp. In BDO I can assure you every little bit helps. Especially since you can stack the Experience Elixers with Milk Tea. That gives you an 18% xp boost. It also keeps you from wanting to tear your hair out from the roots when you’re seeing how little xp your getting per mob past level 56.

When you lump in the consumables xp bonuses in with the 10% xp boost you can get from the value pack and add 10% if you’re willing to pick up a costume, that’s a 38% increase to xp. Using the daily grind hour booster of 100% and xp weekends, you can get some serious xp in. Well that is if you’re willing to grind.

Personally I prefer grinding for XP over doing quests. Mostly because I hate going back to the same damn troll 3 times because he couldn’t tell me up front the he was hoping to incite piggy mass murder. Now if they gave me the option of taking the bone from his nose and beating him with it as a quest reward, then sure I’d be into questing. But a crappy green chest piece that I just disenchant in front of the guy (hopefully crushing his spirits in the process) just doesn’t inspire me to quest.

Though thing is I do like the quest reward system in BDO. Here I use quests to actually give me something lasting that expands my influence in the game and can expand my income potential. Who doesn’t love building their own little empire?

I’m more or less on my way to doing just that in having 3 investment nodes, pretty much all the nodes I can get to make the Calpheon timber crates, and now the nodes I need to get into alchemy.

2016-10-24_372763400I have a few of the nodes unlocked for things like plywood hardener which I used to make the Calpheon furniture I have in a few of my houses. This is our guild house in Velia. It’s not much but it’s a cozy place to hang out.

I also like being able to change out points to make costumes whenever I get that bee in my bonnet.

I should probably look into trying to make the high end leathers I need to get some of the costumes made that I still want for the Sorc, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

Oh yeah, and now that I have a farm again I can also try growing olives. That has a good chance of giving me the flame fruit I’d need to make the flash bangs you have to craft to make the Delphy knights costume. I’d be nice to have one of those for the Sorc too just for the lols.

It’s so odd that a slacker like me has accomplished as much as I have in a grind-core game. I did quite a bit in Neocron too though. Spending hours leveling construction and research. I don’t want to tell you how many hours I spend doing missions. I really don’t want to know.

All in all I’m pretty happy with what I’ve gotten out of BDO and I feel like the effort I’ve put into it has been rewarded. I have a guild full of people that feel almost more like family than friends and I have a good time. I haven’t really had this experience in an MMO in a long time. Though this is also one of the few games that is getting to be MORE fun as time goes on instead of more annoying.

The concessions they’re making for life skillers is just part of the awesome.

Anyways I’m off to get something for my birthday. Until next time keep on keeping on!

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November 18 2016

BDO: Trading and Crafted Costumes

2016-11-12_398445870 Ask anyone in my guild and they’ll tell you that I’m a sucker for dressing up my characters in BDO. I don’t even dress myself this well in real life.

I’m currently working on trying to get the latest costume in BDO, but I need to fish up a bunch of laundry for that. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m trading like a mad woman to make enough silver for gear I’d be fishing for them 24/7.

I’ll get it eventually though, it’s just going to take next to forever.

As it stands I’m also debating on taking up farming again to get the components I need to make extraction crystals for my Ranger’s bow. Those would be quite handy indeed.

One at a time I’m working on getting enough amity with the trade managers I use regularly so that I can get more tries when trading. That saves a bunch of energy when you can get up to 7 tries. As long as I don’t do any smuggling I should be able to keep up that amity which is a big bonus.

My Calpheon Crate business is also moving right along, though I did nerf myself a bit by pulling the cp from Shakatu. Thing is I kind of needed it for storage and to expand my trade network in the old kingdoms. Having some of the higher paying imperial delivery areas unlocked has been awesome.

It is however a bit of a balancing act between setting up crating activities and doing imperial delivery. Doing one means you’re not doing as much of the other. Imperial Delivery is a lot more active and if you have time it’s grand. Crate trading is handy when you don’t have as much time as you just have workers boxing up trade items then you haul them off to make silver.

Though it helps if you also process the goods yourself, and that can mean spending your mornings or evenings at the bank doing processing.

For me, doing the Imperial Trading is a lot more fun because I’m always on the move. In the end I’ll probably stick with that, but who knows.

Well until next time, keep haulin’.

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November 17 2016

BDO: Changes to Exchange Items

2016-11-17_264716490BDO has been working on several quality of life changes in the game for some time now. One of my guildies noticed this morning that there’s been changes made to grind spot exchange items.

It looks like this one kind of came in under the radar with changes to the exchange loot system. Not all exchange items have been revised, but a few of them have.

Now you can get gold ingots instead of straight silver or on some, a choice of item boxes depending on where you turn them in.

Getting gold ingots instead of strait silver is actually pretty handy. You can leave gold bars on your horse and keep farming. You can’t exactly do that with silver, you have to keep that on your character.

They did decrease the carry weight of silver recently, but once you get up to 2 million silver or so, you’d need a LOT of carry weight to haul it around.

Also these exchange items can weigh you down pretty fast too. But since you can put these on your horse or in a bank, you can always drop them off then turn them in later.

The item boxes can contain off hand items or jewelry, at least in the ones we’ve noticed so far. That is a boon to folks who can use them to either sell or repair max durability. If you’ve done some upgrading in BDO you’ll know that when you fail and upgrade enchant you lose durability on the item your upgrading or you can lose the item entirely. Having a method of getting an item you can use to repair the durability without having to buy it from the auction house or play the amity game is pretty awesome.

What this is going to mean for grinders in the long run will be hard to say at the moment, but hopefully it’ll spread people out a bit into the other grind spots and give people a chance to gear up without having to camp one or two grind spots for silver.

Until next time, keep haulin’.

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November 16 2016

BDO: 50 PvP Cap a Boon to Life Skillers


This was my original life skill toon Tamagachi. I had to stop playing her for anything but horse leveling to keep her under the PvP cap.

Previously, whether you wanted to PvP or not, you were forced into it in BDO because the NA/EU version lowered the PvP cap to 45. Now with people hitting level 60, having such a low PvP cap isn’t what it used to be when people were pushing hard for 55.

So now that the PvP cap has been raised people can effectively sit at level 49.999 and never pass the PvP cap UNLESS they do the Belmorn quest that allows them to continue leveling.

Now you’re going to ask, what the hell does all of this mean? Well really it means that people who just want to life skill and NOT participate in PvP can do so on one of these level capped characters.

While the downside is that they will be under leveled for some areas, for life skills that for the most part focus on areas like Calpheon through Altinova, the level 50 cap is fairly reasonable. If they need nodes unlocked these folks can also hire some higher level players to help them.

I’m sure you’re thinking, why on earth would anyone WANT to nerf their toon by not going past level 50. Well the simple fact of the matter is that once you hit the PvP cap you’re fair game to anyone whether you have the best gear in the game or you’re just running around in your horse trainer’s clothing trying to eek out as much horse xp as you can on that tier 7. If you’re AFK you’re an even bigger target because well, if you’re not there to defend yourself then you’re an easy kill.

It was crap like that which was really shooting Kakao in the foot and they didn’t even realize it. A whole section of the game that would be great for people who do not want to or who do not enjoy pvp that they can’t even participate in for fear of getting owned by some jerk wad who wants to blow off steam after not leveling his sword.

The thing is that life skills ARE a big deal and they’re important to how the game works. From buff foods to xp potions all of it comes from life skills. If everyone in the game spent all of their time fighting over grind spots, there wouldn’t be anyone to make the buff food or tier up horses.

Now folks that just want to do that in peace WITHOUT having to worry about PvP can do that.

To me this is a boon to the Life Skill community.

You can have a toon that you go out adventuring with that is as high level as need be. And yeah that toon should be PvP enabled in an open world PvP game. But in a game with rich life skills like this one, something like this basically makes the day to day grind of BDO that keeps things going, a lot less stressful.

Read more about this and some of the other recent changes in today’s patch notes here. Also check out the new Thanksgiving event here.

Now I just have to decide if I’m going to continue doing life skills on a PvP active character, or work on life skills on my Tamer that is below the PvP cap. Though I’ll probably stick with Strat because… she’s hot, let’s face it. Beyond that I have a costume to make.

So until next time, keep haulin’.

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November 16 2016

BDO: Waiting out Maintenance

Hover Pig
Hover Pig

It’s another maintenance day and this one is a long one. Six hours of downtime.

This patch will add a Thanksgiving event and I’ll probably make a few notes on that when they’re posted.

Until then it’s time to sit back and wait for the servers to go live again.

In the mean time I should use this opportunity to get some stuff done.

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November 15 2016

BDO: Still Trading and Crazy Seasons

2016-11-12_373546396Over the course of the weekend, BDO went from winter holiday goodness strait to spring. I can’t say I’m complaining the tulips are pretty and the cherry trees were grand.

I do miss the snow and the snow men. I’m not sure what happened to the seasonal content but it could have been anything really.

Trading is going over quite well. I’ve made enough to pick up the bow I wanted for the Ranger and now I’m saving up for a nice awakening weapon.

Since I’ve hit professional trading, silver has been piling up. I’m also heavily invested in Imperial Delivery. It may not be a huge money maker compared to some other forms of trading, but I’m enjoying the mobility it offers and the payoff.

Though I do need to finish getting amity with all of the trade managers involved in the process so I can use as little energy as possible trying to bargain. Bargaining makes a huge difference when it comes to how much you can make when trading. Having high luck to get better chances and having amity invested to get more chances per try means I spend a lot less energy and manage to get bargains on usually the first or second try.

2016-11-14_49626341I have gone out and done a tiny bit of grinding with the Ranger and so far the new bow has been a huge improvement. I’m looking forward to what a new sword could do.

In the meantime though I’ll be trading away since for the most part I don’t have enough energy to do much else.

I am already back up to 13 million silver so that’s something. Now I just need to keep trading and hope that I get a couple more decent horses to sell off as they drag my cart around.

Until next time, keep haulin’.

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November 10 2016

BDO: The New World

2016-11-10_181372449So big news in the world of Black Desert Online. Server merges are coming by the end of November. Check out more on it here. Looks like some of the servers were feeling a bit under represented so now they’re being combined into mega servers with 36 channels total.

This could become a problem for folks who are already feeling a pinch at the higher levels while looking for grind spots on the more populated servers. For folks that are focused on life skilling however this could become a boon as that makes for a few more people to sell to.

What will this do to BDO NA/EU? Well we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully it’ll be a happy holiday season, but for now, that’s up in the air.

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