What is Creep the Prophet?

This was a website originally created by Geistig (aka CreepTheProphet) for web development (aka mad scientist like web experimentation).

The site has gone through several iterations, two blog platforms, two hosting providers, and two domains. 

I used to host this blog on a .com address, but that was kind of held hostage by my old hosting provider so welcome to the EU data centers! 

So yeah hopefully now everyone’s up to date!

OK So why Creep?

Yeah it was actually part of a story/pet name I had in the early 2000’s. While it doesn’t seem right, if you got to know the weird behind the mask you might get it. If not, just enjoy the content or don’t. It’s on you.

So what’s with the tecky stuff?

I’m a nerd. I do web stuff for work and as a hobby. This site included. I’m also a Discord server wrangler and a D&D GM. 

What’s with the Game Content?

For some people games are something that happens upon occasion or has become one of those childish things left in the past like legos and cartoons.

I still watch some cartoons so I don’t know what the deal is. If something’s good I watch it. When a game is good I play it. Sometimes a bit too much, but I do. 

I started posting a lot of game content on here when game blogs were ALL the rage. Of course they aren’t anymore since everything has gone full streaming. 

Will I stream? I doubt it. Since I don’t feel like dropping a few grand on equipment just to stream me playing games badly on EU hours I kind of doubt it’d take off. Even WITH my odd ass voices.

OK, but why host a Blog?

I actually answered that at the top of this page. This is where I do some online experimentiation playing with php etc. It’s also how I ended up doing a lot of the javascript and html/html5 that I should finish studying so I can get certified for.

So yeah if it the content is half assed it’s because the other half is cheek deep in code.

While I do enjoy blogging, I haven’t found as much time to do it as I’d like. That and I’m sure that not many people want to hear what I actually ahve to say. I do however enjoy blogging immensely and should keep it up despite my mad scientist nature. (Insert giggles here).

Be prepared to enjoy the ride.




Fallen Earth

Lord of the Rings Online

World of Warcraft

Guild Wars

Guidl Wars 2

Eve Online

DC Online

Star Wars the Old Republic




Final Fantasy  14

Elder Scrolls Online

Black Desert Online… A lot….

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