FFXIV Euro Congestion

It has been a wait getting into the game lately. The downside with playing on the Euro side is that we have the fewest Data Center clusters and the fewest Servers of the three regions.

We have 6 servers per Data Center. So with a whopping two data centers we have a total of 12 servers to choose from. 

To put the numbers out there the US has 3 Data Clusters with 8 servers per Cluster. Japan also has 3 Data clusters with a total of 30 servers. Granted FFXIV is way more popular there so the server allocation makes sense. 


Recently all of the servers were even blocked out from the ability to make new characters for long stretches. Sunday evening I wanted to test out a new character model and ended up making a character in the Japan region just to be able to get the character in game. 

Thing is I’m just really happy to be able to login and play FFXIV. So I’m not complaining about the wait on server time. I still remember playing some games that basically took as long to load as the FFXIV queue at times, so it’s not really a sticking point for me.


It’s not as though the American Datacenter isn’t taking a hit. The Aether Data Cluster has been marked as congested as well and no one will be able to make new characters on that Data Center for the time being.

As more and more folks are looking for that themepark game experience, I can imagine that things are only going to get busier in FFXIV. 

Chances are these next few weeks and months are going to really be a clincher to see if FFXIV can start to make headway in the MMO market.

As always I’m actually really happy to see that the FFIXV team are keeping an eye on the situation and looking at ways to improve the user experience. I love the fact that they actually invest in their game as stated in the fact that they have plans to upgrade their equipment to handle the load.

If you haven’t already seen the Update Notice, you’ll find it here, on the Lodestone and Twitter.


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